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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rain OH RAIN!~

This is yet another post on the rain...ain't the rain becoming a celebrity on my blog?
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I LOVE the rain....even though people tell me it's depressing
I still love it...I always find it so...'dreary and romantic' (quoted from my American friend, Anne)

Yeah, the rain's lovely...and it makes me happy.
They say that rain makes people depressed and the leading reason for the high number of suicide cases in states of Seattle and Portland in the US.
It's due to the cloudy weather and the constant need to stay indoors, as I say, it's highly psychological when people feel depressed and on the verge of suicide.

Back to the story, it has been raining CATS and DOGS in Penang - constant downpour since Sunday and it was like non-stop until yesterday (that's a total of 3 days~)
In fact, it rained so much that people were starting to worry about floods and also the possible sinking of the Pearl of the Orient.
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Yeah, no joke...if you're going to smirk at that statement, Penang is after all, an island, ain't it?
And the rain didn't show any signs of stopping and that led to the flooding of several places on the island.
People are getting anxious, nervous, worried, frustrated, whatever negative feelings they can possibly have at the sight of big puddles of water everywhere and also the non-stop raindrops falling on their head...I don't think 'Raindrops keep falling on my head' is exactly their favorite song at the moment.
Imagine having to get up to work on a wonderfully rainy day when everyone are snuggling nicely into their blankets and hugging their pillows/bolsters to get more sleep while enjoying the loud tip tap sound of the rain on your roofs and windows!~
Ahhhhhhh....such bliss...

Funny though....the southern side is really sunny...and the clouds seemed to have stopped on this part of the hemisphere and they are definitely not leaving
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But I still love the rain....haha, maybe coz I am on leave this week and I can choose to hug my pillows and bolster while enjoying the rain
Although I do go out too and it's pretty messy coz I have to face the possibility of getting wet, I still love the rain...

Anyway, the rain did stop in the evening yesterday and I was a little disappointed (although I do feel guilty coz there are people suffering from the heavy downpour)
The rain turned out to fall again in the middle of the night and it rained all the way until this morning and it just stopped.
I am predicting that the rain will continue this cycle every night...which I'm looking forward to.

I know people don't really like the rain that much and that it's depressing
Boy, I don't like to go to work that often either when it's raining this heavily...
Remember the possibility of the overflowing of this monsoon drain that I need to constantly be on the lookout for...for the fear of the flooding of the carpark..
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But still, the rain's lovely..
I want to get my pillow, bolster and blanket....
today's not a working day anyway...hehehe...

Did I mention I was on leave?
Did I also mention that I loved the rain?....
So...please continue to rain...

Did I mention I love the rain?:)