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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DaiRY SMS-es - Real or FAKE?

I was lying down on my bed yesterday when I received an SMS on my phone which read:

Please help to sms to the others.
Due to the current China's milk situation, please take note of the following products which have been recalled:

Mento's Yoghurt bottle
Dove Choc
Oreo Wafer Sticks
Dutch Lady sterilized milk
Wall's All Natural Mango
Mini Poppers Ice Cream
Magnum Ice Cream
Moosandwich ice cream
Mini Cornetto
Youcan ice cream

Stores have been asked by AVA to remove them
If you have them in your house, don't eat them.

Now, I am aware of the recent China's situation revolving the infant dairy products which had to date resulted in 4 deaths and a number of babies still in critical condition.
Well, 53,000 babies is quite a number, ain't it?

The dairy products which were contaminated with melamine was the root cause of the whole situation and this only came to light last week.
(Oh yeah, that's why the whooping number of more than thousands! What have you guys been doing???)

It seemed that what these morons in China did was to include the abovementioned chemical substance; Melamine which was supposedly banned in food production.
This chemical; Melamine is an industrial chemical which is rich in nitrogen and when mixed with milk, it can make the protein level in the milk higher than the original content.
This is their cheapskate effort in increasing the profit margin in their watered-down or more diluted milk.


And hear this, this chemical is commonly used in the making of plastic and fertilizers!
So, you think it will be harmless to human beings?

Man, the morons are really irresponsible!~

Right now, due to their inconsiderate actions, 4 families have lost their newborn gems and more than 53,000 are still fighting the battle (which I pray they will not lose).
Are our food products today safe for consumption?
I don't know anymore.... for me, I have a case of lactose intolerance and dairy products are not of my concern BUT still, most of the products we have in the market today are one way or another; sent from their manufacturing plant in China.

Oh ya, our Health Minister has also made a call that these SMS-es are to be ignored and not to be spread around as it will be damaging to companies like Dutch Lady, Unilever's who have reportedly claimed that their dairy products were made from fresh local milk or sourced from New Zealand and The Netherlands; while Unilever mentioned theirs were from whey powder imported from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the United States.
Now, I wonder will they say the same thing when these countries were the one which were slapped with the reports of melamine contamination?
(Just food for thought; if you remember the mad cow disease a few years ago)

Anyway, just to reduce the panic level; please please do not spread rumours through baseless SMS-es before you are certain
(What's with all these SMS-es anyway; and how did they get our phone numbers????)

As for me, China products....dairy or not, I am staying away....
There's been too many cases; fake eggs, fake baos, fake this that, and now dairy......