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Friday, September 26, 2008

A Wave of Uncertainty

After a few days of bed rest and medicines and all, I am finally up and making my way to the office; humming a cheerful tune (a weaker one; as I still feel occasional bouts of dizziness)

I turned on my laptop and soon, I was greeted by hordes of farewell emails from people all too familiar to me.
Puzzled, I read through again and am pretty certain that it is indeed from this person, whom I know very well.
Now, that beats me as I was not even aware nor notified by her prior to this of her soon-to-be departure!
(I happened to treat her as a personal friend and we have been sharing common thoughts every now and then, which is what made me think that she'd definitely drop me a word that she'll be leaving)

I was still really puzzled until a colleague of mine; who was our admin, shed some light on this.
It seemed that this case and all the other sudden departures of our other colleagues before this was due to the Re-Organization activities which had commenced in the company.

How could I have overlooked that? How else could you explain the sudden leaving of so many colleagues; they couldn't have found a better job all at the same time, right?
GOSH.....now I see light....I have been dizzy for so long (Literally!)

I can't believe this, this is really a surprise or should I say, a nasty shock!
I've been hearing from another friend in another department her worries and I have reassured her and now, the tsunami has hit my very own department.
Frankly, it is not easy to re-assure someone as you can re-assure yourself.
I can convince myself if I want, but hey, who am I kidding, coz when the big waves hit, it recognizes no merit, status, age, race, or gender!

And the best part is, I found out that the first wave was over and this was like the 2nd part of it.
I know I know...the previous batch who miraculously resigned at the same time...they have all been targeted in the first wave of re-ORG.

Now, why does this word sound so eerily familiar?

Because it's been going on everywhere!
Dell, HP are a few that I've read about in the news and there must be many more out there.
In fact, during one of our offline conversations, I've even heard about the drastic measures taken by the hospitality segment (hotels) in reducing the overhead costs in running the operations.

It is back; the wave of uncertainty is sweeping the world where hundreds, thousands, and even billions are shaken in faith as they persevere to hold forth what they have worked for this far and yet, they are drowned by the big and unpredictable waves.
Everyone is worried; about having a job, getting a job, and KEEPING your job!

What will happen next?
Who will be next?
These are the questions that have been clouding each and everyone's mind in the office each day; and it is not going off until the waves are back calm again, mind you.
I empathize with those who are the sole breadwinners in the families, those who have commitments and financial burdens - this is indeed not going to be easy.
Going to work each day is like preparing for the unpredictable; or some may say for the worst - it is even comparable to the battlefield where warriors are unsure whether they will have a safe return. In this case, whether they will still have a job to keep.

Times are bad, indeed and really bad, in fact, we need to prepare that this will be worse ahead.
The Lehmann brothers, AIG, those are not jokes...they are real and they have happened.
How bad is this going to impact the economy?
I can't tell you that, because if I can, I'd be the world's financial analyst or even Al Gore for that matter!

All I know is, times are turning really bad ahead, and it's time to organize your thoughts, stay calm and pray for the best.
We cannot predict what will happen or whether we can stop it, but we can do what we are taught to do, to pray.
Never underestimate the power of prayer and it is during these times, something this simple will be our main source of comfort.

We shall persevere and pray for the best!~