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Thursday, September 11, 2008

The magic numbers - the story behind it

As promised, I will now share the story behind the 5 magic numbers which was favored by most Penangites.

A friend of mine told me about it; so no legal implication of the truth or the relevance to others in the same context.

It revolves around a fortune teller somewhere in Penang island; who relates these numbers as the main contributors to boost one's fortune or luck in life.
He encouraged that these are the numbers with the high "qi" factor which can bring changes in one's life and it's best if someone have connection to these magical numbers to make change in their life for the better.
Since most of the numbers in our life are either fixed or non-changeable, the only one is the car plate number (that is if you have a car).

That was why most of the cars on this island has either 2 and above of these number combination!~
In fact my friend's relative was the one who went to this fortune teller and he started implementing the idea of these 3 numbers on almost all the cars in his house; except for my friend's!

Now, when I see these numbers popping out everywhere on the car plates in Penang, I am starting to wonder whether they have seen the same fortune teller guy?
However, I am also skeptic that the entire island could've met this hermit; and another conclusion is that either Penangites are a superstitious lot or the car dealers are the ones with the superstitious minds.

These numbers do denote some importance in the Chinese numerology and the sound of the numbers when pronounced bear similarity to words like, "Life", "All the way", "Prosperity", "Luck"

Now, do share with me if you have another opinion of the reason behind the magical numbers, as this is the one which I've heard...