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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Rain - Love or Hate?

I know most of you out there hates the rain because of numerous reasons; it gets messy, getting wet, inconvenience, there goes the play time, no outings, gloomy, clothes will never dry and a long list of many other reasons.
I am ironically, someone who sits on the other side of the fence.
I like the rain; in fact I LOVE the rain!

It's always so nice when it rains and I feel so happy, calm and relaxed. Of course, I do agree with the getting wet/messy part and canceling that outing because of a downpour - and there goes the love part.

However, of all the reasons that elude you and me, there is another which is much much more distracting when it rains; FLOOD.

The word Flood brings to mind the sight of water everywhere and rising to a higher level than the ground. In short description, it's like a low-level filling up of the bathtub; only with much more detested results.
Muddy and murky water and soggy pants or dead car engines or worse, furniture and houses filled with water.

So, see, while I enjoy the rain, I feel sad that there are people suffering out there - cries for the loss of their valuables and sometimes even loved ones (if the flood is at a critical depth).

These days we have been experiencing a moody and gloomy weather in our whole country and floods are everywhere.
The rain went on for 2 continuous days; starting from Friday afternoon and for the whole day yesterday.
It finally stopped early this morning - much to the relief of most flash flood victims who were probably busy saving their furniture and belongings while we worry about getting drenched in the rain if we do not have an umbrella.

The rain is really controversial sometimes; it is either a love or a hate relationship...I pray for all those who suffer from the rainy season that they will find peace and solace soon.

What do you think? Are you a rain lover or a cynical fan?