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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stop that racket!~ (My car is crazy (or ME))

My car's driving me crazy...I mean, literally speaking

Well, the car alarm has been going bonkers for the past few days (or was it a week?) - it just keeps going off each time I click on the lock button when I park the car.
I don't really know how to describe it in words, but I can tell you it's annoying.

I finally decided to bring it to the "hospital" (workshop) for a check-up and I was there, standing in front of the mechanic trying desperately to tell him what went wrong with the car and the reason I am there.
Let me give you a brief idea of how my car works (under normal circumstances):
Each time I lock the car, there will be one beep sound.
If I unlock the car, there will be 2 beep sounds.
This will be under normal circumstances - nothing unusual.

However, recently, whenever I stop the car and lock it, there will 2 beep sounds and then, the ALARM goes off!
Just like that!
Okay, then when I unlock the car, there will be 3 beep sounds.
(Now the additional beep sound always means that one of the door is unlocked or not closed properly - yeah, smart car, I know)

Instinctively, I will always walk back to the car, unlock and close the door which I came out from. After, all I only get out of the driver's seat right?
And thinking that will fix the situation, I lock it again and there it goes again.
I felt ridiculous when I had to open every single door and bang it as hard as I can...yeah, think Incredible Hulk who threw things with his might
(though do not picture me as that bulky green guy!)

And then the alarm goes off again - and I had to do that back and forth for 2 times MAX before it leaves me walking again in peace to my destination.
Okay, last week, it wasn't this bad and I didn't believe it when people were telling me something was wrong with my car.
I thought probably I opened the trunk of the car and didn't close it properly (that trunk door is the heaviest and really need a herd of elephant to shut it tightly) - that's exaggeration I know =p

But after repeatedly "screaming" at me everyday after I was pretty sure I locked the car, I couldn't take it anymore and decided enough is enough and took it to the workshop.
(I mean, it's embarassing and annoying when it always goes off and people are looking at you like you're the one setting it off delibrately, darn those accusing eyes!)

So when I arrived at the workshop, this young chap of a mechanic whom I know very well came to see what's the problem and I was explaining to him while trying to demonstrate to him with the click of the button on the key and waited for the alarm to do it again.
I can show you what I meant with my action and CLICK! ( I was like so proudly standing there, doing the I-told-you-so act)

You could imagine the horror on my face when it didn't... there was only one beep sound (like in normal condition)
It just didn't scream!
I guess my face was redder than a tomato or even a beetroot when I tried it several times, and it worked normally! (It was like being on stage performing a magic trick which failed miserably)
This is so embarassing, I know....and I looked (and felt) like an idiot standing there...
Drat the car (silently muttering under my breath)

He looked at me like I was speaking some language from heaven
(I know I looked silly standing there, but I tell you, I am telling the truth!!!).... but he was nice enough to say that he'll take a look at it.

He tried it several times and it was still okay.
( I could really hear the numerous sounds of the beeps when locked and unlocked the car - testing the alarm and locking system)
I was dismayed when my silly car just didn't want to prove my theory right....

He came back and told me that perhaps I could come back later if there's anymore problem as he couldn't find the problem at that time.
Okayyyyyyy...fine...I don't have a choice, right? =(

Reluctantly, I drove back (hoping he was right, it was just my imagination - he didn't say it but he must have thought of it in his head!) and drove into the garage, parked the car and locked it....walking away from the car and will you believe it.......the ALARM.... it went off again!!!

Why didn't you scream just now???

I had to drive back to the mechanic (no choice) but this time determinedly and I confidently told him....
"It (the car) did it again!"
I proceeded to show him with full confidence and clicked and waited....
And waited....

What is going on here????
(am I driving a phantom car? Or is this some early Halloween trick my car's playing on me? Help meeee.......)
I can tell you, I locked, unlocked my car and nothing....not even a silly squeak!!

I guess he sensed my desperation and he offered to try it and again, my car, my precious little car.... (I treat her like a princess and now she's embarassing me horribly in front of all these people) behaved normally.
At that moment, I secretly wished that she will make that annoying sound (alarm) in front of him....and prove that I am not crazy!!
But my car....seems to be going against me....smirking at me...hahahaa...you lunatic, you're crazy!

I think he sensed my desperation (look at my dismayed face, it's like the world just ended) ; I totally looked like a poor idiot standing there (I felt like an idiot anyway) and told me he'd do a thorough check which they couldn't find anything again after 30 minutes.
I mean, I was sitting there for 30 minutes and could hear those beep sounds when they lock and unlock the car and it's normal....no alarm, no sound....
I'm losing it...am I imagining things?

He came back and told me he suspected that the root cause was probably at the alarm system and the automatic lock (my car will lock itself once I start driving) installation and directed me to their accessories' shop dealer where they have specialized alarm experts who can look into the problem.
I know they must be thinking I am some stupid woman driver (you sexists!)

I eagerly drove to this accessories' shop and told the mechanic about my problem.
I didn't want to do the demo anymore (I'm afraid....this is not a normal car....it's phantom!)

He took the keys from me and tested it; clicking to lock the car (BEEP!)
And believe it or not.....MY pathetic car refused to show them her symptoms.
NO SOUND, not even a little squeak!
I know....I must look like I am imagining things....

But the guy did something; he removed this
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
(What's this?)
You can imagine I am looking like a poor unfortunate lost soul who seems like she's driving a phantom car!

He explained that this is another device which is connected to the main alarm system and this is for the automatic locking of the car.
Apparently, it seems that this thing did not come together with the main alarm system and was installed by the car salesman during purchase (probably a cheaper device which wasn't designed to work with the main alarm).
So it has caused some short circuit to the main alarm system.....- drat you guys for causing me this nightmare!
He commented that most of the cars from my range has had this same problem; even recent new cars because of this installation.
Most of his customers came to him because of this as well....and I am one of the lucky ones who only experienced this after a few years?
(oh I see, so I am lucky to be crazy after a few years when others have been crazy earlier? Nice words of comfort...)

Okay, to cut the long story short, will this fix the problem?
He assured me it will and I can go home and see if it does.
If it doesn't, it may be the alarm system and he will look at it again.

Erm, I came here for a definite answer; not for some trial and error trick....
Okay, I don't mean to be sadistic, but I am paying to see if this removed thing will still trigger the alarm?
What are mechanics for???
And what if it goes off again?
My car is really driving me crazy now!!

I paid RM15 for his service (Amazing world, I need to pay somebody to remove something from my car....^_^)

I thought it would solve the problem and drove back feeling slightly relieved; looking at this silly thing which was removed... ( perhaps it's psychological, but thinking that a removal may have removed the sound....)
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And SHE did it again.....
I tell you, if I had a BIG crucifix at that time, I am gonna place it on my car and tell whatever it is to please leave my car alone

HUHUHUHU....sob sob
I knew this is no solution and since I paid, phantom or not, I demand an explanation
So, I drove the car to the workshop (AGAIN!!) - for the 4th time

By now, I am about to burst into tears or even explode into a fire ball of fury....
I arrived at the workshop in no time and this time, another mechanic came out...
How many times do I need to explain this story again and again? (GOSH!)
I told him (poor guy, I was pretty frustrated by now) the whole story (by this time, I felt like I am psycho who seems to be imagining things).

He took a good look at the car and he was kind enough to include some humor when I told him about the alarm...phantom thing
I told him that I parked the car inside the house and also car park and the alarm always goes off.
He told me "Haha..miss, probably you should try parking the car outside the house instead of inside"

Trust me mister, I can park it inside outside upside downside....it's gonna be the same!!!!!
My car is playing a joke on me, telling me to Catch her if I can... (I was yelling inside)

BUT BUT BUT, why is it not reacting whenever it's at the workshop!
Drat that car....

He really tested the car thoroughly and he told me of his suspicion...
WHAT? (I am desperate now)

He said that since the beep always indicate that the door is not locked/closed properly, it could be some sensor problem
He added a small rubber pad to the side of the door....and told me this pad would probably make the sensor sense the door is shut properly (contact with the sensor system)
It should do the trick.
The whole day I've been running around like a lunatic and it's all because of a stupid small little rubber pad????
(I apologize for the use of the word stupid but I had to use a strong word to describe how I truly felt at that moment)
Whatever, he told me that if there's still problem, just send the car back and they will check again.

Do you think I have nothing else better to do than to send my car to the mechanic the whole day???
Sorry, I know he's only being helpful but I felt like a fool the whole day standing in front of all these mechanics!

Anyway, I smiled and told him, "If it goes off again and if you see me back here, i am removing the alarm system!"
He laughed...
TO me, that's no laughing matter when your car starts to make your mind go haywire - I am hearing the alarm all the time and even when I was in the room or anywhere, I constantly had to go look at my car to make sure there's no sound.

GOSH....this is nervous breakdown...
I even stopped the shower when I thought I heard an alarm....
I couldn't get it out of my head...the alarm sound is ringing on and on

And all, because of a single pad on the door added?
Coz it stopped the racket alright....
And is this still the culprit?
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

I don't know, but all I know is...it hasn't made a squeak since yesterday but I am still keeping my fingers crossed and my heart is still pounding...I hope it will be normal today...

Otherwise, princess or not, I am removing your voice and......and...

I will bring you to a hardware shop and melt you and sell you as a piece of metal!!....

I mean it...don't you smirk at me...let's see who's the owner when you are a piece of wreck

(I am going crazy...I need to sit down and relax)