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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sinus, an old friend/foe is back....

I was sick; really really sick yesterday - I could barely get out of bed!
(No exaggeration - you know those days when your head just feels so heavy that it can't leave the pillow and your body is so weak you feel so helpless and incapable of getting up?)

I was lying down and it was really depressing when the throat hurts when I tried to swallow and I couldn't even squeak a word (Seriously!)
I guess the sore throat got to me, I've temporarily lost my voice...

On top of that, my whole body feels heated up and I know, I am running a high fever again
(Have I ever mentioned how scared I get when I have fever because it can up really high in temperature?)

Not just that, I am having really screeching pains near the bridge of the nose; between the two eyes.
It was just this bad and when I tried getting up from my bed, I couldn't shake off that dizzy feeling.
I had to anyway, I had to fight it...and I made my way to the bathroom, somehow (miraculously).
I brushed my teeth (DIZZY)
I grit my teeth against the cold water; shivering myself to death (almost!)
It was so coldddddd.....

I turned of all the fan or any form of cooling agents in the room
And I put on my shirt and my sweater...yeah, thank God for sweaters!~

Again, I felt the urge to lie down on the bed because I just felt so tired and dizzy
But I know I had to....
I walked reluctantly to my study table...
Searched for that familiar crate of aluminium foil
PANADOL...two left
I took my bottle of water, and proceeded to put them in my mouth, swallowed and took a gulp of water; erm, or several gulps

OH WAIT, I forgot my breakfast?
Oh NOOOOOOOO.....never ever take panadols or medicine on an empty stomach...I do know the consequences...
Thankfully, I grabbed a piece of pandan cake, now normally I am really picky but today, I just need something to accompany the strong effects of paracetamol
In a minute, I had to spit out the cake
It was a little stale already, I thought I bought it the night before?
(*Darn the seller!*....muttering slightly under my breath)
Oh well, Auntie came upstairs, my heart skipped a beat when she held me some pandan cakes
(Oh, thanks, Auntie, your cakes came to the rescue!~)

You see, Auntie always bought me pandan cakes on alternate days, because she thought I liked them (erm, sometimes when I don't really have a choice:p)
And yesterday just happens to be the day she decided to buy for me **

Yesterday was like the day when I really needed it to layer my stomach lining before the effects of panadol just crush it (exaggerating? - not really)

After stuffing down a few bites, I pushed them away - enough for me because I really have no appetite. I felt so nauseous and I proceeded to sleep.

Slept till like 10.30a.m....and then woke up; still felt drowsy and all....nauseous

Finally I went to the clinic at about noon, and when I told the doctor about my symptoms (she was a really friendly doctor by the way, finally one that I can find in Penang)
, she told me that it's my sinus that's causing all of it.

Ermmmmm...I beg your pardon doctor, did I just hear the word sinus?
I thought I've recovered after all these years!!~

She diagnosed that I was having frontal sinus; which was why the pains appeared at the bridge of the nose area; around the eyes.
Seems that it was chronic frontal sinus (chronic somemore!) and she prescribed me a few medicine for the de-congestion and also to relieve my other symptoms.
When I walked out of the clinic, I couldn't help disbelieving that my old friend, by the name of Mr Sinus is back!
And He...he's causing all my misery (fever, sore throat, pains, dizziness, nausea) all this while

(Hmm, I'm such a sexist at times, labelling all the bad elements with the tag Mister and all pretty things as princess, miss:p)

I went home, I knew I had no choice but to take my medicine although I really need to lie down.
I got up and took some tablets; and remembered I was on empty stomach (again!)
I couldn't eat (really!), but I forcefully took a bite of the tofu and then I just pushed the whole plate away and went to sleep.
When I woke up, awwww.....it was really horrible....I felt so dizzy and nauseous and my stomach felt weird....
I knew I had to eat something.....
But what?
I could barely get out of the bed, and I know if I did, I would definitely feel dizzy again!

I fought against the dizziness and headed towards the study table to attempt to drink my favorite barley which Auntie had prepared for me and it was barely 5 steps
(sounds like a kungfu movie where the villain can never survive past 7 steps after drinking a poisonous potion)

I rushed to the washroom and ughhhhhh, I threw up:(
Sorry to gross you out...
I went back to my room; this time feeling better after that disgusting episode to drink my barley
And after drinking my barley, I walked to the bed again; hoping to lie down when I felt it again....
I had to make a rush to the washroom again......(no description necessary)

So, in the end, any food went into my stomach?
I guess a little....
And did I mention the amount of medicine/pills I was prescribed?

Fever, running nose, blocked nose, de-congestion, antibiotics (for throat) and panadol
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com

Oh, and some cough syrup, gargle syrup and also nose drops and oh ya, something I haven't use in a while, my menthol crystals
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Used for de-congesting the blocked nose effectively
Its strong smell; which was just like Camphor Oil (Minyak Angin)

And throw 1-2 crystallines will be good enough in a bowl of hot water...
Hosted by RockYouPhotos.com
Ahhh, the familiar old smell..... all too familiar for me to not remember how to do it despite it being more than 10 years back...

Sighs, darn the weather or the environment...
Why did Sinus come back?

As far as I remember, I haven't been THIS sick since the last hospital admittance; most of the time, there were fevers and occasional bouts of food poisoning, etc
But fever+sore throat+cough+headache+sinus+nausea+dizzy+throwing up......ermmmmm, never been that bad since...umpteen years ago....

I will recover soon...today I felt slightly better (well, at least I could get up and blog about this,right?)....and I still need to take them medicine...

Quote of the day:
Me: How long do you think this will take to recover, doctor?
Doctor: (Laughs), how long? If I knew this, I'd be in heaven!~ It really depends on your immunity, my dear


Ohhhhhhhhhh nooo, I need to lie down after this, my head's spinning again:(