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Saturday, September 20, 2008

One Public Holiday - MISSED??

Either I've lost track or I've misread the calendar...
Or I didn't even see it
Or I'm just plain BLUR....

But I can't believe I missed out on one public holiday this week!!!!~
I did...I never thought I would but I DID!!!
Goshhhhh.....I've always prided in myself for having a knack at my memory and now, me memory's failing!

I am one blur girl....

I woke up, dressed up and drove to work as always
When I reached the car park, I was shocked that it was so empty
Was I too early? Nope, same time as usual...
And walked towards my office
Okay, it's open...there's lights and flashed my card and walked in
And then, stopped dead in my tracks.
I repeat (slowly), NNNOOO ONNNNEEE....
Am I Blur or what?

Quick check on calendar; Nuzul Al Quran...
I thought applicable to Selangor only?

And that's where it hit me, I came to work on a public holiday?
Am I a workaholic or what?
(Ironically I used to laugh when I heard the story of my ex-department head who went to work on a public holiday and even thought to myself, 'How could anyone possibly miss out on a public holiday? I thought that's what we look forward to all the time?')

And look where the laugh got me...
I did it to MYSELF...

HAHAHHAAHA....a good laugh at myself (*smack my own forehead*)
And still, HOW COULD I miss out on the HOLIDAY???

What a waste, what a waste....



I can't get over this...can someone tell me how to get over it?