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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Elevator Crisis!

For the first time in my entire life, today I experienced the panic of being trapped in an elevator!
Okay, it wasn't such a long moment (THANKFULLY!~) but still enough to invoke the cheetah heartbeat and sweat from the forehead.

I was taking the elevator and I pressed on the number 1 pad to the Lobby on the Ground/First floor.
When the elevator reached the first floor, the door opened but less than an inch!
I was wondering what was wrong (*Sweats) and anticipated the next; a power blackout.

No no...too dramatic...the door just wouldn't budge!
I pressed on the Emergency Bell button (that's the norm) but no response.
I kept pressing continuously for 3-4 times and no response.

Then suddenly, the elevator moved and went all the way down to the Basement floor!
The door opened there....
I ran out of the elevator as fast as I can...before you can say "YEAH"

I don't know what was the matter with the elevator but when I made my way to the staircase to go upstairs, I saw the 2 security guards sitting right in front of the elevators, doing nothing and dozing off!!
GREAT way to work!

And then, the emergency bell went off again...I wonder who are the unfortunate souls again...and again, the guards were just so naturally solemn; like it's a natural thing.
Kudos right? (*sarcastically*)

Thankfully, the two fellows got out of the lift - I have no idea how they did it!

That was when I noticed that there was a notice on that dysfunctional elevator to inform on the problem.
So only people at the ground floor are informed and how about all the other levels?

SIGHS....my first experience and thankfully not a harrowing one where I can be stuck for more than a few hours; waiting for the rescue squad (like in the movies)
I don't think so...anything can happen!

P.S.: Thank God this didn't happen during the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar, else...I am really gonna wonder why all the way to basement, any significance?
*Shudders at the thought*