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Friday, September 12, 2008

Being a Malaysian

I am astounded by the number of non-political blogs turning to hot political posts recently; it was like most of the blogs that I read start to post at least more than 2 posts sharing their views on the current political situation in our country.

I am no political writer and don't intend to write about politics either (thank you very much) but even I have to admit, the non-political me is also starting to be intrigued by the politics going-ons.
First we hear of the riots and chaos in our neighboring country and then a big hoo-ha over traveling there.
Comments fly by, talking about the show put on by the people there.

Now we are getting our own share of problems....
I am not going to write about how who should behave or act in what way as that is clearly not my intention.

I am shocked and upset by the turns of events which took place recently.

I am born in Malaysia and received all my 11 years of education in a sekolah kebangsaan. Although people tend to associate me with Koreans due to my surname, as far as I can remember, I have been a Malaysian Chinese and proud of it.
In fact, I sometimes go by I am a Malaysian; as I am proud of being one and do not feel the need to state that I am of the Chinese race. Most of us do that too, I am sure, carrying the label of Malaysian wherever we go because it is our nationality.
I had never feel embarrassed to talk about my country when I am overseas and could not help feeling thankful that I am living in a country which can be termed as a paradise to everyone else around the world.
I can even feel upset when people talk as if my country means nothing to them and that we live on trees!
I am as every bit a Malaysian as each and everyone of us here is!~
I respect the song Negaraku and I also know the lyrics to most of the patriotic songs such as Setia, Dirgahayu Oh Tanahairku, Untukmu Malaysia and I liked the catchy tune of the Jalur Gemilang song!

I can even remember the 5 Rukunegara principles!~
So, am I still an immigrant? whatever is said...do we need to let go of what we believe in and is proud of all the while?

I do not know why, but I find it disheartening instead of angered by the statements and all that has been happening.
I am not going to pinpoint nor to judge who is right or wrong or what they should do as clearly, this is not the main point here in my post.

At the same time, I am still happy to see that despite all these, there are still a lot of us out there who are happy with each other; regardless of race.
I am proud to have friends who are of different ethnicity, race and religion here in Malaysia.
We are the nation, which made up the beautiful country; Malaysia and we are unique because of our culture which no one can find in anywhere else in the world.
We are one of the only and rare countries in the world which is composed of more than 3 races and yet live in harmony with each other.
We are independent, free and enjoy the splendid mix with our fellow friends and all those festivities where we explore and understand each others' culture so well!
Food is also the unique part and tourists have never been bored by our neverending boast of colorful variety:)

Are we going to put an eraser to all those wonderful moments with each other for a few remarks?

Here's to our country and our continuous harmonious culture!~