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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What to do during this holiday break?

It's exciting when you get a long break, isn't it?
It's a great break from work or study or whatever you're busy with...
It's just such bliss to wake up and realize, "Hey, I don't have a pre-defined schedule and I don't 'NEED' to do this and that!"
(Even if you're the world's hardworking and disciplined person, you will bound to think like this - yours truly is also one who always believe in discipline and never do anything illegal and even I am tempted by the idea of holidays:)

The whole concept of not being told what to do or to be bound by obligations which made up part of their routine each day.
Yes, the key word is also routine.....you get bored of doing the same thing 7 days a week, 365 days a year or practically having it around 24/7 - pretty much I am referring to those who are serious workaholics (if you haven't realized, you do need help!)
Bored of routine...and a short break is always an answer....break; whether it's short or a long break...a break is definitely good.

Funny thing is, a lot of things will be going on your mind when you're busy working/studying/etc....you start to plan what you want to do when you get your vacation or if you are allowed at least a day off from your routine.
Don't we do that all the time?
(And you wonder why we have so many daydreamers in the classes/lectures/tuitions/offices...and hey, I'm not one of them, okay?)

Now you get your chance, a break... not one day but for a few days....and you end up asking yourself, "What was it that I want to do again?"
Unless you've made plans with a group of friends or you've booked your plane tickets with Air Asia or MAS cheap flights which will definitely motivate you to get your you-know-where to go off for your vacation, you may be left at home...thinking that I might want to clean up my room, but then there is that good movie on the TV/Astro that I haven't seen in a while and off you go, distracted!
You told yourself that you wanted to get this and that when you get off work and spend some time at retail therapy, because you do want to get those stuffs....and end up, when you have the leisure to do so, you just want to laze and relax at home, probably update your blogs or clean up your room (please refer to the above again)
Then you also tell yourself 'Hey, Economy's not doing good....US stock market crashed, I should save up for the rainy days' and you end up locking yourself up at home, refusing to go to the malls for fear of falling to temptation (you could end up buying something...and there goes your plan of reducing your credit limit for the month).

Are you as I've described?
You do not know what to do all of a sudden and you felt like work is not such a bad idea after all.....at least you know you wake up on time and you dress up nicely and you look forward to making yourself useful....even though it is for the sake of some extra moolah...which you do need to save for those rainy days (and when a new shoe comes on the rack, there goes the rain)

And when it comes to the end of your break and you have to go to work, you start to dread and wonder why didn't you fully utilize your short break..
Man, aren't we a confused bunch?
Ungrateful and never-content beings on earth...

This round we get a great round of long break; at least for some of us anyway....who took a few days of leave earlier...:D
And what do we do?
Hmmmmm....a few suggestions.....in case you're running out of idea

1. Don't try cleaning up your room, because you will end up watching the TV anyway. So, focus on watching a movie, and get yourself out to the cinema!

2. If you're thinking of re-furnish your room, ermmmm, please refer to no.1

3. Find a place to go....the mall, the cinema, makan-makan trip with friends, or a short trip to somewhere....as long as it's not inside your room/house.

4. Oh, I must mention, please gather some friends to do it with you....because somehow someway, at least one fella will always have that hyperactive drive to excite everyone with a holiday plan....or something fun....

5. No video games or computer games please....or you may end up regretting you missed your break.....stay away from anything which remotely resembles an icon of technology

6. Get some DVDs....hey, at least you are out of the house for a while, right??

7. If you're thinking of going to the bank/post office/PTPTN office/gov office.....hey, remember it's a holiday and they're probably closed anyway. Besides, why do you want to waste your leave on them?
Servicing your car may be a great way of enjoying your break...those few hours you spend waiting for your car will make you wonder what the h*** are you doing there anyway!

8. Get a few friends to go for some karaoke session, or if it's too expensive, ermmmm.....set up some songs on your radio/hi-fi/TV and sing along....
Scream to annoy your parents or neighbors....having the cops knocking on your door may be something memorable...
(I know I said stay away from technology....that's why I said Scream yourselves silly because you'll never be a rock star standing on the stage of the MTV awards anyway)

9. Take out that camera and start snapping pics of everything.....try to figure out why you still take lousy pics after so many attempts...and tell yourself that you will impress the other bloggers around with your great skills....(after you learnt how to use/operate the camera without using the manual anyway)
Enjoy photographing....and then upload...and start realizing what it's like last time when we don't have internet

10. Start blogging and updating your blog....or just start to wonder what you're doing in front of the computer on a holiday and thinking of the word Loser
Or you can think of 10 things to do during the holiday and type them in your blog...

I KNOW I KNOW...I mentioned stay away from the notion of technology, but hey, I am an IT gal okay, it's hard to take the word tech away from my life....and anyway, if you're reading this, you're probably a tech person...otherwise, why on earth are you sitting in front of your computer?

And get a life, get away from your computer and TV okay.....it's a Holiday...for Goodness sake.....
Get that camera, that CD/DVD....and have fun....

And forget I mention that we shouldn't touch anything to do with technology....

I am going to ENJOY my break now.....so should you!!
HAPPY Holidays to all of you!!

And Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri :D