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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween - a hallow or a whine?

After a busy and long week with non-stop meetings and work stuffs, it was really a relief to see that it's finally my favorite day of the week; Fly-day or Free-day!
Coincidentally, it was also Halloween, so a Happy Halloween to all of you out there.

Not that this is such a celebrated festive season here in my country; but somehow this year, there was such a merry atmosphere reminding us of the arrival of this westernized festival that I couldn't help wishing people around me a Happy Halloween either.

Just when I was getting ready to get off work and going home to a nice dinner for a mini-celebration (just to join in the fun and to find a reason to celebrate), I had a rather unfortunate incident again.
I know, NOT AGAIN, you say, after hearing my sob story about my last Friday episode; which coincidentally also happened after work.
I am starting to wonder whether my Fridays are jinxed!

I don't know how to begin; and I don't really want to talk about it either, but rest assured it has nothing to do with work.
It is something belonging to me and it has caused a rather deep injury to my heart and herself.
Yeah, it's a her - most of my things are her anyway.

The worst part is, I am supposed to be really upset to the extent that I will cry out but this time, surprisingly, I am calm and collected.
I just took it calmly and thought of resolution methods or whatever I can do and even people who are close to me are surprised by the different me.

Halloween, and something like this had to happen...on a Friday again.
I really love Fridays; or used to love Fridays!
It's not even Friday the 13th but 2 Fridays in a row, and 2 different hurtful incidents.
I am now freaked out and crossing my fingers (and uncrossing) in anxiety in anticipation of what will be next although I see no point in being so negative (YET).

Never mind, looking forward to a great weekend, and no prize for guessing what is the object of my depressing Friday...no, no guesses please.

Happy Hallow-whine for me!