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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Raya Break has ended--

I can't believe that a week has just flew past me like that!
Raya Break is over and today is already a Sunday...erm, it's already in the afternoon now!

What have I been doing the whole week???!!
I thought my break just started...
I mean, I barely felt that there was a break...
Not that I had the illusion that this day will never come, but it's really hard to accept the reality when it has really arrived.

I can't believe....I want a rewind!

And the sun is scorching hot out there, how good does it help to get me back on track to face the reality that tomorrow is a working day?
And it has to be a Monday....don't we all 'LOVE' Mondays!

I wonder whether it is a sin to have some thoughts of enjoying holiday and dread work...
Well, I gotta snap out of it and get my Little Chicken Spirit back....to face a brand new day tomorrow!!!

Ermmmm....can we have the rain back? Just a short one and with some clouds to shade the sun will be ideal:)


If only I have Adam Sandler's remote control.....