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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I have (HAD) a dream~~

The night before yesterday, I had a really cool dream.

I dreamt about my car alarm going off (I told you, my car alarm has driven my crazy, and I still hear them even after 2 weeks of installing the new alarm which cost me a bomb)
It wasn't pleasant, even when it was in the dream!

However, I saw Daddy in my dream and he was standing there while I foolishly re-enacted the entire sequence of triggering the alarm.
It went off alright and it was like crazy, and then, Daddy just folded his arms and told me,

"Just change your car...it's seriously cracked"

I was like staring at him and I went, "You're serious, Daddy?"

Daddy nodded and continued affirming, "I don't see why not, this car is already crazy anyway"

Awesome, it was such a cool dream...and I jumped for joy, shouting in excitement and I couldn't stop laughing, starting to picture which car I would like as my new car.
It was like a dream too good to be true...

And yes it is, when Daddy said, "And... you're old enough to pay for your own car"

I stopped...it is a DREAM...and it's been too good to be true..

Who told you all dreams were good anyway?
I am happy with my own car now...
Stop dreaming.....