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Friday, October 24, 2008

Bad Day

This is a song, by Daniel Powter which was pretty much a hit last year.
Funnily though, I just didn't like it when the radio played it; especially early in the morning when it's the start of a bright new day.
It's pretty much an unquestionable quirk of mine; and I am not saying that I will be a better DJ but I know enough to know the songs to avoid especially bright in the morning.
Not that I have anything against the song, nor Daniel who has boasted a pretty decent career, not to mention a memorable record of the songs made into hits.

I just couldn't accept the notion of being negative early in the morning; being sung to Bad Day seems like a curse or a bad omen being said unto you when you are getting ready to enjoy the day.
To me, it was a love and hate kind of song when I listen to it.

However, yesterday, this song came to my mind when I was about to get off work; let's say, a pretty good day with a bad end.
I've always loved Fridays, as most of you know.
In fact, I adore Fridays and I almost built an altar to worship Fridays (no, that was a joke, no offense meant to the great Lord who created and loved me)

I always feel extra chirpy and full of spirit on Fridays; since I was a little girl.
Back then, probably due to the fact that I am happy my Daddy won't be working during the weekends and we get to go out together in a family.
That being said, I am also a cheerful girl when it comes to everyday, but on Fridays and Saturdays, I am EXTRA EXTRA cheerful, get the note?
(just tune the extra a few notches higher than what I stressed)

Yesterday was no different, and I was enthusiastic and working my hardest.
Even when my boss called to get me to complete some records for performance review and stuffs like that, I did panic a little and got myself mixed up with the things I am supposed to do.
Well, that cleared up soon enough and when I was making my last visit of the day, I left the office feeling excited at the prospect of having a great long weekend once again, one of the rare happiness when you start working.
However, October was not too bad as we've had 2 public holidays and we enjoyed the teeny weeny bit of enjoying long weekends without dragging ourselves to work.
Furthermore, the weather has played her part in her shine and rain days.

I was enjoying a great chat with my colleague cum team assistant and we were wishing each other a Happy Weekend when we walked ourselves to the carpark.
As soon as I got into my car, my cell phone rang.

I looked at the number and noticed that it was from my customer, the one who called earlier regarding his issue.
I pondered for a while and I decided to answer; despite it being after my work hours.

I spoke to his secretary who was really sweet and when it came to the point that I mentioned I need to wait until Tuesday to contact my KL team who could help in the technical and commercial aspects, that's where her boss decided to have a word with me.

Now, having a word is an understatement.
Believe it or not, I was put through hell when I had to listen to his incessant complaints about his thoughts about my company and our service.
I tried to be my best as possible; because the customer is always right.
I didn't once flinch nor raise a tone, and I listened, inserting a word or two to cool him down.
Guess what, in the end, I was not even allowed a word when he kept hammering at how bad everything was.
If you're talking about negativity in a person, this was all it.
Although he mentioned that "I understand it's not your fault", but all his statements stated otherwise and soon, I became a victim of his frustrations.
I had already revved up my car engine and there I sat in my car, listening to his complaints and rants
It was a good half an hour conversation; or should I say a session of reprimanding.

I sat there, feeling like an idiot and wondering what the hell am I doing there, spoiling my Friday.
I was speechless, which was rather rare, when I had been participating in debates and never gave others a chance to pounce on me.
I had to listen, I had no choice; and yet, this man did not seem to even want to give me a chance to talk.
So, I decided to best keep my mouth shut and listen, going mmmm, ahhh, yes sirs, etc.
Those who know me, will think this is very rare that I do not put up against an argument when I am not in the wrong.
Or perhaps, I am in the wrong as he put it.

When it finally ended, I didn't know whether to feel relieved or cross (which surprisingly, I didn't feel angry)
It just made me wonder, are we really subjects of frustration in times like this when we serve some Chinamen company?
Do not get me wrong, I do not have anything against China people nor Chinese men owning companies but boy, the attitude was really shocking.

I am not saying that I do not empathize with him; as I truly, fully understand his situation (which is why I sat through numb and dumb to listen to his rants)
But the very least, give me a break, I am trying my best and hate as I to admit it, it is rather not gentlemanly of him to speak his frustrations non-stop (like an M16 or even a Bazooka going at me, exaggeration or not)

I am still after all, a lady, and no, equal rights do not come into this because as a gentleman, you should be wary of your own actions.
I really hated it when I felt depressed by the incident and ashamed that I was near tears when I listened to him patiently.
No, I didn't even think of putting the receiver away from me while he goes on and on

It was just rather disturbing but he finally decided that it was enough and told me that he'd wait until Tuesday and reminded me that he didn't have a choice.
Though I was already demeaned by him by all his saying, and instead of calling him a J.A, I actually still took in all in stride and took the liberty of choice to call up my colleagues for help and ended up putting myself down by calling for their help after office hours on a Friday evening!
I know they must be really pissed but I had no choice either.
Thank God, I am really thankful for such understanding colleagues who asked no question at all when I asked for their advice and the next course of action.
After going through the phone call, I understand how my colleagues must be thinking when I called and caught them in work-related chat which they definitely do not appreciate after work and what on earth was I thinking.

I still do feel stupid calling them but I am deeply grateful for their positive responses and their will to help me.

I feel ashamed and really stupid being bogged and bugged by the situation and let it affect me when I've told myself that I will never allow that to happen.
In fact, I have to apologize to the friend whom I've let down for a Friday night dinner, I owe you one dude, and I will make it up.

I didn't want to talk about it, because I don't want to sound like some cry baby who couldn't handle a little bit of pressure.
I want to be strong, but at the same time, do allow me to mellow a little like a baby girl.
It does take time...

But, you know what, Daniel Powter is right after all....I've had a bad day
Taken one down
Just to Turn it around....

Sighs, that's what work is about right, I can't expect to sit on rainbows all the time