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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Ants on my Toothpaste!

Just the other day I was reading Ju's blog on how she found ants in her water and I commented that I haven't had that problem for some time.

How Lucky of me....

I believe I spoke too soon....

I didn't have problem with the ants swimming in my drinking water (thank God) but they're on my toothpaste.
No mistake, they were all surrounding the cap of my Colgate toothpaste tube and some were also suspiciously loitering near my toothbrush.

I wonder what on earth is so interesting about Colgate...and what is their sugar content?
If they are attracting ants, they're definitely sweet, right? (I don't think ants brush their teeth)

And if there is sugar in Colgate (which probably is), what is the level? It should be pretty high to be able to attract those ants right
**Mind you, those ants are of those black and red type, small ants.....and they're annoying!!! **

So, can someone tell me whether Colgate is still safe for those diabetics out there?
And anyone else having this same problem?
Any suggestion?

P.S.: I've cleaned and wiped the cap and have shifted the location to another shelf nearer to the shower pipe and there's lesser but the ants still found their way there....please help!