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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Varied comparisons

People are getting absurd these days, I tell you.
I was just hearing from one blogger how people have been comparing all sorts of things; even sicknesses.
Gone are those days when people just ask "How are you?" out of pure concern.
Today, mention you're sick in bed and they will go telling you how sick they were previously too..
It's like trying to outbid each other in their level of sicknesses.
How sick!

Oh, it does not stop there, ever heard of competing on the books you read and the expiry of the books?
Yeah, let me tell you.

People will tell you all about the new book they're reading and then, they will add to that, "Oh by the way, it is the latest release by this author, and it happens to be on the bestseller's list"

If you mention you're reading something else, they will just look at you with a really surprised look, "Isn't that an old book?"

*Clears throat*
Since when do books have expiry written over them?
I can still read Enid Blyton or Charlotte Bronte or even Shakespeare as I please and not feel bothered by people who try to intimidate me with their 'bestsellers'

I love reading and I've been an avid reader since young, and I for one, will not be ashamed if I do not happen to be reading a recent book where everyone goes ga-ga about.
I will read at my own will and interest, thank you very much

Gone are those days when people are happy just comparing their features, complexion, bra sizes, weight, height and body measurements