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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Twisties in ROOM!

I don't know how to say this
I shouldn't...

But I accidentally
And my eyes spotted them on the tray

Tucked away on the tier-trays beside the bed
there were tons of them
an army of them
ranging from different brands
Twisties was the one I remembered

Oh my, is this for real
tell me I didn't just see that
I feel guilty
I shouldn't have turned my head

Is it wrong to have accidentally peeked into the room
And saw those trays
Can I control my imagination or my wild thoughts after seeing that?
It's my wrong
I really shouldn't have looked there

I should've just focused and open my own door
Put my bag down and read my book

And continue with my daily routine like usual
And not be bugged by the disturbing image of those junkies tucked away there

But then again, had I not
Will I then know
that this is true
It is the reality

That my housemate is a JUNKIE!
and she keeps her junks in her room!!