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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Almost HIT...BUS!

It was a terrifying experience I had yesterday...and I could barely hear myself speak much as a squeak

I was in such a state of shock as I stammer these words, in an incoherent manner

I almost got HIT....by a BIG BUS!

And it was nothing pleasant which I want to hold in my memory.

I barely remembered the details, but I know I was driving along the leftmost lane, ready to turn left after the traffic lights and there was a car in front of me which turned on its signal to turn right before me.
The minute the car in front of me turned, I realized too late that there was a MPV vehicle parked on the side of my road therefore blocking my way and I had to turn on my own right signal to move into the next lane on my right.

It was a busy hour and traffic was brisk, therefore you can guess that nobody is ready to give way to this pathetic car stuck behind a stationary vehicle on her lane.
They must be laughing at me, "How silly of her to follow so closely and not to turn out at the slightest possibility"

Or they could be like me, wondering what on earth is that vehicle parked there right on the main road; a road which is so busy with traffic.

Well, as I waited patiently; craning my neck to see through my right rear mirror whether there is any kind Samaritan, I had to sigh a couple of times and wondered at how long am I going to be stuck there.

Just then, there was a big yellow bus (something like a school bus used to bring us on our school excursions when we were kids) behind me, driving at a very slow pace.
He suddenly honked and through my rear mirror, I saw that he was flashing the lights at my car.

Thinking that it was his signal to let me go and also judging from his distance, he is definitely giving way, I pushed my gear into Drive and edged my way to the right.

Wrong move!!
I didn't guess that the bus would move forward and he honked at me again and then I heard his vehicle screeched to a halt.
I braked in time too, and I saw a Myvi behind the bus slowed down, as if anticipating what is happening next.

The bus started to move again; as I held my breath and he was driving slowly.
I drove slowly too, as the Myvi beckoned to me to move and I slowly edged my car out from the left lane, this time with much more confidence.

The bus was still really slow, and I was worried whether he was waiting to see whether he can get a good look at me.
I drove slowly and faster made my way back into the left lane and turned hastily, out of the bus's view.

I felt myself shaking, in shock as I couldn't believe what just happened.

I am sorry, big yellow bus, I didn't know whether you were giving way or not
I am sorry for the screeching halt
At least there is no damage on both side

I still can't believe it...
I almost got HIT, on my driver's side, by the BIG YELLOW BUS!