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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

There is a Lie within Belief/Believe

Did you notice that "Lie" lies within the word "Believe"?

A friend of mine pointed it out to me some time ago and I find it really fascinating; an annotation that is so obvious yet dismissed by all.

Is there a lie when we believe?
How often have we found ourselves believing in someone/something only to find out in the end that it was all just a lie?
There was never a word of truth in it

How many times has someone told you to believe in him/her only to realize that he was lying from the very first point he told you to believe in him?

I find this annotation so frighteningly and interestingly accurate.

I have found that believing can often lead you to further disappointments; and it's so funny that when we find it so hard to believe and yet when we really do believe in one, it turns out to be a lie.

It's sad, ain't it?

Not everyone is so believing; and for me, sometimes I do take time to trust and believe in someone
It takes a great deal of time and commitment before you can say you believe another person

Yet, when you have started to believe and you WANT to believe
the lie appears blatantly, just staring at you in the face
and you still deny that it is a lie
and continue to believe
In the end, we are bound to get ourselves hurt

It can't be helped I guess
When we believe, we have to accept the lie that comes with it

But why is it so hard for people to prove that we can truly believe/trust in them?
I do not want to lie..
It's hard to lie

I want to believe
But you have to MAKE me believe...