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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crazy crazy Weather

The weather is really crazy these days

Suddenly it rains and then it stops
Then it shines so brightly
Then it loses that shine
And clouds come in temporarily
and then sun comes in again
Clouds are gone with the wind
But was there wind?

Then in the midst of the HOT sun
How bizarre

Then the rain stops
It gets humid
then sun
then wind
then all gone with the wind
which probably didn't even exist in the first place

I guess the weather up here in the north is still much better than what we have in KL
It's so much hotter there
It's like a desert
Oh my...
the ASEAN countries are already convening on the possibilities of haze making the yearly comeback earlier this year
because of the dry dry dry weather

Have I mentioned how much I hate hot and dry weather?

I really love waking to the sound of rain every night recently; and I don't want to jinx it

I am really crapping in my blog, and it's all the fault of the crazy crazy weather

(I am going to post on my Penang tour guide job to my friends very very soon)