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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The part where we have FRIENDS...

Recently I've been catching up with lots of friends...first my KL friends who decided to spend their Labor Day up here in Penang and made me miss them the entire week after.

Then there's a good old friend whom I am often chided for giving rain checks most (not ALL) of the time for dinners.

And also a bunch of cool friends whom I used to hang out with; a big bunch and a small bunch of girlie-sisters who are my shopping and chatting companions.

Oh, of course, great (noticed I didn't use good but great) old bestie!
It's been great, talking and chatting on different topics with different groups of people and having a good laugh! (in reality, not laughing at those cold, corny jokes by the characters in the movie/series I watch)

It reminds me of how lucky that we have friends
People who are just there to keep you sane (or insane) and people who are just like you, having fun and no harm intended; in contrast to some cruel and back-stabbing people on the other side of the world.

Bless these great friends I have; and I know there are still lots more out there...whom I may have missed out or probably mulling at the number of rain checks I have showered upon them as well...LOL!

This is not a Friendship Day post; I am not going to get all emo and corny; by saying things that will send goosebumps all over your back and hands but I am just glad to say that, amidst all that grostheque-looking and serpent-like creatures in disguise out there (sometimes), it is a real comfort to find that you have people in your lives whom you can have a cup of tea with (not sharing the saliva part; OCD alert) and chat and giggle.

Girl friends are best to cuddle and snuggle up to; or cry on when you are sick/tired/lonely/disappointed/depressed
They are also great when you whisper excitedly and animatedly about some naughthy things that you've heard and shouldn't have, but have conveniently shared with each other and reminding each other not to spill the beans
They are also there for you to scream in your high-pitched shrill voice when you want to tell them something you are so HAPPY/excited about and end up screaming and jumping up and down with you
They are also the best when you are just so annoyed and just want to bitch about all sorts of stuffs, and complain and rant about how everyone treats you like crap and how you are the victim
They are definitely the BEST when it comes to bashing up ex-boyfriends and jerks and rats in guys who are not appreciative of the great girls in us

Guy friends, on the other hand are also great to keep you on your toes
To remind you that not all guys are this bad in the world
To warn you of the consequences when you plan revenge and to teach you the best strategies in getting back at a guy
To tell you off when they have their PMS mood; right in your face that you're annoying them with your shrill-like voice
To tell you all the crazy jokes and guy stuffs which makes you laugh and want to throw up at the same time
To try to play pranks on you and end up suffering for the rest of their lives as you will constantly remind them and make them feel revolted at themselves and what they have done (we shall be really pitiful and show you that "what-have-you-done" to me face everytime we see you)
To be your portal to remind of punctuality and all the other elements that you can rant about why guys are like that, etc

To threaten you that "if you were a guy (or if you didn't have such a pretty face), I'd have punched you right in the face" when you annoyed them; and yet knowing that they never will...(haha, coz they are chickens! just kidding!)

This is to ALL my friends; whether you are a guy or a girl, a man or a woman, a gay or a lesbian; whatever and whoever you are, thanks for putting up with me and keeping me sane or perhaps insane to this point that I am thanking you for it.
Without you guys/gals, I'd probably have been better in my judgement and more sensible in making decisions...ahahaha....and of course, I'd never have the courage to tell some people off in my life where they are unwanted.

CHEERS for those friends we have in our LIVES!