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Thursday, May 28, 2009


It was a rather last minute thing when I was notified of that meeting
I was happy and yet, I was anxious in anticipation of that old feeling when I step into that place

I'd never have thought that I'd be going back after I left
It was a place that I will always have fond memories of

A place which brought back all the good things and my excitement in those days
The first place which brought me to Penang three lovely years ago

As I turned at the bend into that old familiar road, I was suddenly consumed by the familiar feeling and that sense of belonging as I cocked my head to the right to have a good look at the huge white building (of course, keeping my eyes on the car in front as well)

I turned and I spotted a familiar little Myvi
Haha....my friend, and I bet she's still half-asleep as she didn't even realize that she met with my car right at the intersection of the junction
And as I followed her, I even flashed my lights at her but she just drove without any form of awareness that I was right behind her

I drove straight, and arrived at the little roundabout
This time, as I drive through the guardpost, I had to tell them where I was heading to
I used to just have to flash my badge and the guard will already wave me in
Times have changed...and I really missed that

I found my parking space and that whole building where I first submitted my documents and attended my first week of orientation and trainings had not changed one bit
In fact, the security guard was the same as three years ago; that same Indian guy whom I passed my documents to!

I walked into the building and again, I felt overwhelmed with that familiar and nostalgic feeling that I am back home again
I turned my head to look around at all the rooms and also the long desks in the mini library

I felt slightly emotional
I knew I missed this place, and the company
But I didn't guess that I missed it this much
It's like it never left my memory after all
It's like your first love
It will always be there
A special spot in your heart

I just realized that I never got over it
I just missed working there so much
I felt like I belonged there
It's like my second home
My family

Call me crazy, but somehow, it's just this inexplicable feeling and emotion I felt towards this place
It's strong and it will always be there
I don't think there will be anywhere else which will be the same or can replace it in my eyes/heart
Perhaps I have grown too fond of it

It was a tough decision last year when I moved on, knowing very well that I had to see the outside world
However, it was a struggle when I was in between the decision of leaving and staying
And I never did go by one day without being proud that I used to come from here
Every time I speak of this place, it is of utmost pride, joy and belonging

I missed you dearly, and I really do
There will be another one like you

I still remember clearly my first day here
And how I was so excited when I parked my car
And walked into the rooms for my orientation and briefing sessions and making new friends
I remembered going through the talk sessions and having all those buddy lunches
Then I was showed around the campus by my seniors and bosses
Before being shipped 'oversea' to the other campus; the one where I was supposedly based for the next 2 years

I remembered queuing up to have my photo taken for my new badge
I remembered enjoying that subsidy for lunch and sitting at those long tables chatting with my friends in front of me and smiling at others

I used to go to work really early
And set up my laptop and the speaker and phone to get ready to call into meeting with the US counterparts
I loved tapping away at the keyboard the whole day and sending out all the information
I love the meetings I've had and the system that keeps everything at bay

I missed my good ol' cube and my whiteboard on which I scribble stuffs and decorate it with drawings during each festive season (particularly those that I adore)
I missed my telephone which was the only one that was different from the rest of my colleagues'
I missed that constant reminder from the Outlook on the upcoming meeting in 15 minutes time and how restless I was to get ready to go into the conference room

I missed sending out all the fun emails and joining in all the fun-filled activities
I missed all the times I had so much fun, participating in the efforts of making it a great place to work
People come and people go
But I still missed it

I missed all the great colleagues, the wonderful friends I've made along the way
I missed my fun friends, whom I am still keeping in touch but I do miss those sunny days when we used to hover and crack our heads to think of an activity for the department
I missed that blue t-shirt and the weekends when I would be doing something meaningful and for a cause with a bunch of other volunteers
I missed hosting the events in the department and speaking to all the lovely people around


It was with a heavy heart I left last year
And as I walked out of the building, I drove by ever so slowly to take a good look and a glance at the tennis court, the gym and the huge carpark overlooking the highway

I will always miss you....