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Friday, May 08, 2009

Long weekend again~!

I can sniff it in the air...what's that?
It's holiday time again...

Of course, we are not talking about summer vacation or a really long break; which is something we won't get since we have left the realms of school or university, and we are pathetically looking forward to the long weekends which actually only entails to an extra day off (either Monday or Friday) and we would rub our hands in glee to welcome its royal coming, something we used to scratch our heads and laugh with scorn at working people when we were back there in school.

How pathetic have we become...now we are the ones waiting in anxious anticipation for these extra-one-day weekend and we are already so happy we could actually sing songs of praises or thinking of throwing a major parade in town.
It really takes a long way to come to this pathetic conclusion, which I personally hope that the rest of the future generation shall find something else to rejoice in rather than an extra day which practically makes no difference.

Come 5 o' clock, and BAM! Reality sinks in as you know that's the end of that additional day, and time to get ready to go to work tomorrow...

Sighs, what sad lives we working people lead huh?

But anyway, this is not supposed to be a mourning or how-pathetic-we-have-become post, because no matter how true the above is, just count me in, because I just have been comfortably absorbed into the pathetic group and I do adore, worship even these 3-day weekends because it is just a nice break and relief from the crazy working schedules I face everyday.

So, to all the peeps out there, enjoy enjoy enjoy...
Even if you're not working yet and happen to think I am pathetic, well, find comfort in the fact that you will be one of us one day...
So embrace yourself to prepare for that fact...
And I look forward to welcome you in our group which is ever growing...

HAPPY WESAK DAY to the Buddhists and a happy happy weekend to everyone else =)

Enjoy, because the last I checked, the next long weekend will be in June to commemorate our ruler's birthday!