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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

These Hazy Sleazy Days...

And I was wondering what was the cause of my nose irritations, my dry throat and taut red skin recently.....it was none other than the old 'friend' (or foe) himself; Mr HAZE.

It seems that the Penang island has been shrouded by the hot weather during the CNY period; albeit the weather forecasts that the northern region can expect a cooler weather for the Lunar New Year this year.
When can we ever rely on weather forecasts?
Gosh, it must have been Sahara desert in disguise visiting the northern region as it was enveloped with a sickeningly hot and humid weather which just caused major discomfort among all the residents up here.

A sensitive person like me has way beforehand experienced the warning signs and the hints of the old enemy.
It's a dreadful phenomenon and it's causing so much discomfort and inconvenience to everyone around.
I totally hate the smell of smoke everywhere whenever I breathe!

To top it off, I am still angered by the number of inconsiderate and guiltless people who are still causing more harm by burning their garbage in the open!
What age are we living in today; why do they still need to burn their garbage?
Have they no sense that the environment is as bad as it is now?

I bet the Chinese New Year is also another contributing factor; the fireworks display and the firecrackers emit a hazardous and toxic smoke into the air; causing the smoky effects in the sky.

The environment has been abused over and over again by the people who lived without their inner conscience and the social awareness for the well-being of everyone around them.

Nobody seems to stop and think about the environment around us today; although the awareness has increased a little compared to the olden days.
There are more campaigns carried out with the notion of recycling and reducing the level of pollution; although there are also an equal population who still continues to throw plastic bags into the river and their cans along the grass in the park they stroll or the hills they hike.

*Lets out a BIG SIGH*

If only we can all learn to be civic and environment conscious, then the world would be a better place to live in, right?

For now, I'd better start looking for those masks to cover my mouths and nose; I wonder whether they have anything for my face....it's also irritated by the dirty and polluted air!:(

***And to give the weather forecast a little credit, their prediction was sort of accurate as the southern region (KL) was definitely welcoming a wet new year with the showers they are getting!***