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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Please bear with me...

I know that I have been lagging in my blog posts; and updates on the stories, life, food, etc...but I am experiencing difficulty to access the Internet due to my residence location lately.

Hopefully, I can be up and running again soon.
In the meantime, with my workload and everything, things will have to move a little bit slower as I will not have time to update during the day, and at night, back at my place, I do not have the luxury to access to the Internet at the moment.
Am working on it, sorry for the lack of updates when you hop over to my blogs....please bear with me at the moment, I will definitely be up again very soon; as soon as I settle with the Internet.

I will be back very soon....I will still be updating but on a more seasonal or whenever I have something that is bursting within me...hahahaha:)

Have a great working day!~