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Monday, February 02, 2009

The holiday mood is in the air...

Coming back from a long break (well, one week++ is a great length of break possible after we started working anyway), it is a fresh new start and a positive outlook for the year ahead.

Typically after a long break, most of us will feel refreshed and looking forward to get back to work.
Well, not all the time, coz some of us will also feel the transitional drag and will kinda zoom out a little, filling our thoughts with things we could do when we were enjoying our holiday;)

Ahhhhh......holiday is such a blissful word....not that work sounds so terrifying...but it's really nice to enjoy and sit back to relax.

Though, I must say too....too much of free time on hand is not good as we will probably be idle and erm, useless?

I think I must be crappin my blog again....time to get back to work .....thoughts of holiday is only realistic on Fridays now:p