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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Outer vs Inner Beauty

We are often told that physical appearance and beauty are only skin deep and we should not judge a person by their physical appearance, but are we truly doing that?

Is beauty only skin deep to us or are we truly judging a person based on how he/she looks?
Do we pay attention to handsome hunks and beautiful babes more than we do to those plain-looking guys or plain janes?

Realitiscally, we are all just ordinary human beings; and we cannot blame others for judging us as superficial beings as we tend to do the same unto others.
I have recently watched the TVB drama, 'The Ultimate Crime Fighter' and I am into the pairing of Gigi and Moses since I saw them in the trailer of Gem of Life.
IMHO, they really look good together and the chemistry is just perfect.

In the former, Gigi played a rather plain-jane looking character and was often teased for her looks. She somehow had this portruding teeth which caused her to speak in a rather huffy manner. Her glasses also tend to make her look rather gawky and she has never had any admirer in her life except for an innocent and geeky looking guy who patronizes her father's restaurant daily to steal a look at her.
Despite her looks, she has fallen head over heels in love with Moses who played a really hunky and suave police inspector.
Initially, he was rather resistant towards her affection as he was pursuing his hot long lost classmate who eventually got married to her boyfriend.
Touched by all the things done by Gigi, he eventually accepted her.
However, the lady seems to be more concerned about his welfare while he is playing hot and cold most of the time; or displaying his rather macho manner.
In fact, he was even oblivious to when she was offended or miserable. Things were bad when he does not even have the initiative to introduce her to his friends.
His sister made a comment that he was just being superficial and she believed that he will not react this way if his girlfriend was a hot and gorgeous babe.

It made me think, are we all just superficial beings?
Are looks really above all?
Do we tend to be more concerned by how we can present our beaus to the public by their physical appearances?
Perhaps, perhaps not.

Sometimes, inner beauty is more important to some of us; although we also cannot run away from the fact that we still do perceive beauty as a criterion.
Admit it, we are all superficial beings.
Will you look at the girl if she's not pretty?
Or will you even blush when a hot looking guy winks/smiles at you?

Reverse the picture, will you still have the same reaction if the girl wears specs and has really old-fashioned clothes on?
Or if the guy is wearing the large specs and smiles at you, displaying his teeth full of braces?

However, most of us have also passed this stage of accepting that outer beauty is most important and we have also been more receptive towards the importance of inner beauty and the heart of the person we are attracted to.
It is true that beauty is only skin deep and we tend to be more attracted to the lovely person inside who is always thoughtful and kind towards others.
Being able to be with the person you love and is a great person with a big heart is the key.

Does the looks still matter in this context?
Will you be proud to bring that wonderful person with a big heart to showcase to all your good looking friends who are still that superficial towards looks?
Are you mentally prepared to endure the laughs and teasing from your buddies?

It is a decision you have to make, as at the end of the day, we are still humans and humiliation remains one of our weakest point.
But if you truly cherish the person and nothing is more important than your own happiness, then you should truly be able to brave it all.
UNLESS, you are not really that INTO him/her.....and again, that is a question you have to answer yourself.

I always think that love can conquer all, and if you are really that into the person, what is a few laughs or giggles or stares from your friends?
Then again, it is solely a self-decision....and it is always easier said than done.

Sometimes, the simplest answer lies in those innocent questions asked by our friends - why do some people hide their relationship from others?
Yeah, why?
Something we need to ask ourselves, it's not easy....and there's always a reason.
Let's not judge others, I've always believed that people will share when they're ready or if they don't, what's that any of our business?

Anyway, I am happy that media has also started to center on this fact about outer vs inner beauty. I was even fast to conclude that they will probably beautify Gigi in the later part of the show and Moses will fall head over heels in love with her in return, but no, too old-school.
The show sustained her looks but emphasized on her kind character and her innocence which gained her affection and sympathy from most of us viewers.

It is cruel to judge people by their looks and with all that matters, just put yourself in another's shoes before you jump on their looks and display your disgusted look.
Imagine when you were really sick or were covered with spots, what was the treatment you received from others?
How did you feel when people shy away from you or will not look at you at all?

Something to ponder upon...