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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Phobia of ATMs?

I heard this over the radio this morning; seriously, there was this guy in Germany (how ironic!) who had a phobia of ATM machines.
He was afraid of frauds and there was this recent reported incident of him using the ATM machine for the first time.
And he held up the line to the ATM for 30 minutes.
Guess what he did?

He actually brought his self-detector for frauds and any installed devices.
First he slid a paper underneath the slits to detect whether there is any installed cameras or unusual protruding bumps.
Then he took out a panel and started dusting the touch panels for fingerprints!
He then proceeded with another self-made device to detect something else!

It took him 30 minutes and in the end, someone from the queue called the cops because they were starting to wonder whether he is going to break or dismantle the machine!
Talk about paranoia!