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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Loss: Depreciation to Appreciation

First reaction when this topic came up was: "Wah, very 'chim'" (translated as high level of comprehension/understanding required)

Did you realize that we often take things for granted?
When our belongings are right there with us, we do not really feel that it is of such high importance because we assumed it will always be there for us.
However, when we misplaced our belongings, we start a frantic search all over the place and start to pray that it will be right in our hand again.
(Well, maybe I am the only one doing that)

Same goes for a person, a loved one for instance, you will never feel the longing or feeling of missing that person when they are around all the time.
However, when they have to leave or gone, that's where that sinking feeling falls in.

Weird how the world works, ain't it?