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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I saw a celebrity in 1 Utama

Yeah, that was like a week ago.
I was on my way to One World Hotel and I stumbled upon a bunch of folks; on a filming location in this particular cafe in 1 Utama.
Great, I forgot the name of the cafe and also the level the cafe is located.
But in short, I saw one of our local Malaysian singer; Mr Michael Wong (Guang Liang)

I think they were shooting his MTV over there....and funnily, it was a smart move to do so on a Monday to avoid the crowd.
(*By the way, I was there for lunch as well)

My friend joked that I should rush up to Michael and ask for his autograph and then snap a photograph with him.
(I always have my camera with me:)

I was like, "Why ever for? I am not those doe-eyed fans...and I admire his talent, but I will never rush for such things. Hehehe...and I am not his fan anyway!"

But definitely, his talents are something which everyone is proud of and happy about here:)