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Friday, July 11, 2008

No end to the ruling woes

I am no political blogger; and I do not place much interest in political feuds and battles.
However, I am really beginning to wonder how long more is the world going to duel in political conflicts. In case you haven't noticed, everywhere around the world is swamped up in their own political problems.
Right across the border is the riots against their overthrown leader (whom they seem to vote for and yet despise) - the irony and now, I have doubts in walking down the streets for fear of being attacked by a bomb or being crushed in a major stampede when there is a demonstration. So much for the country's tourism.

Then far away, we have the constant ongoing protests and conflicts between two big fellows who think they are the kings of the world when in fact the whole world is scorning upon them.
Simple thing is; being an adult, just sort out your own indifferences and stop using your people as your ponds to inflict your anger on each other. Stop using dirty tactics which harm innocent people; such as crashing against the 2 tall towers on a plane full of passengers and during peak hours of the towers' operations. Stop all those ambush attacks and give those poor families a break from sending their sons and husbands to a no-return battle!

There is so much to talk about and the best part is, I don't even need to look far!
My own homeland is overwhelmed by one after another joke of those immature fools who have been playing out against each other as well.
Stop denying all those facts if you know they are true and stop throwing accusations at each other if they are baseless.
Stop crying out loud like an abandoned nursery kid to the teacher when you can't resolve your own problems.
If you have done it, you did it. And don't pretend you lost your memory or afraid of death threats and changed all your statements which you have sworn upon.

For once and for all, GROW UP WORLD!