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Friday, July 04, 2008

It's all about attitude

You know how you often come across certain people with a really negative aura around them or there are just some people who never came across as a popular person?
Sometimes we are often puzzled at why these people are isolated from others and whether it is the prejudice or biased opinion of some certain people influencing the rest; and how unfair it is to be so judgmental of someone.

However, there are certain people who can never win any favor from anyone; nor find common agreement with anyone in particular, be it at workplace or in school.
I recently had a similar experience with someone; whom I have not known for a long time. Upon acquaintance, I found the way the person talked was slightly intimidating during the first introduction.
Believing that I was probably sensitive or anxious due to the new surrounding environment, I brushed it off.

It wasn't long before I noticed that not everyone talks to the person. Rather, most of them were talking to each other about the person. I got wind of the stories; which were really shocking and some were too unbelievable.
But the common factor of all the stories was that this person is often nasty and intimidating in his attitude and style of communication. This I found similar to my first impression formed of this person.

Trying not to be judgmental, I freed myself of all the others' perception, I continued treating this person as a whole new person and knowing more about the personality.
It was not easy, I can tell you when you have someone who constantly towers over you and speaks as if you are an idiot (like everyone else) and that he is the only living Einstein around.
If that's not enough, there are times when you feel like you are obligated to listen just because of seniority and respect although the person tries to turn it into authority.

I am still clearing my mind of any prejudice and keeping a neutral attitude of this person.
However, I can also comment that I find his attitude is the contributing factor.

Why blame everyone for not listening when YOU are the one who is not listening?
Why want everyone to change but not think of yourself?

It is all about the attitude of one's self in presentation to the public.
No one can make that change; neither should one be nice to you just because of you.