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Monday, October 02, 2006

Un-happy Ending

Woooo.........been a few months; yeah, months since I updated my blog; well with the busy schedule and also the company's organizational change, I am totally occupied with the happenings around me.
But I will leave that to another story - besides work, there's also the after work which bothers me :S

If you still remember an old entry of mine which practically "whines" about a couple who moved in and became my housemates who do not keep the house clean....so this is about them again...
Well, apart from their "UN-cleanliness" which I beg not to elaborate or bad mouth further - let's just keep it unknown, this couple have the tendency to shout at each other and quarrel every other day and I mean real fights most of the time or at least from my point of view, the girl is kind of temperamental and couldn't stop grumbling, rambling or nagging the guy in the most annoying way.
Now if you ask me how would I know how they quarrel...haha...that's the funniest part. I am staying in the next room and our rooms are practically attached to each other. Before you accuse me of eavesdropping, I should point out that I mentioned attached to each other- in fact, there is an opening at the attaching wall way high up there that is sort of like a passage way to the other room. So, most of the time, we could hear each other pretty well and with their loud and raised voices, need I say more?
Most of the time, I do not intend or not even interested to listen to their conversation and thus I put on my headphones and do my work while listening to music. However, they do pick the best time to quarrel or squabble over trivial things - MY bedtime. I know, I sleep annoyingly early which is abnormal for most of the people BUT, they pick fights after midnight or at least from 11pm onwards.
It can be over the most minute matters; a common everyday scenario:
(Girl walks into the room, closed the door...)
Girl: What are you doing???? (In an irritated tone)
(barely hears any answer from the guy)
Girl: Look at you, can't you at least pick this up????
Girl: You see lar, ask you to do simple stuffs also can make such a mess!!!!!

(*in Cantonese as they are from Ipoh)
Then they will slam the door....well, that is still bearable, even with their crazy clocks where they only sleep and switch off the lights at 5 or 6am; which is exactly the time when I wake up to go to work.
Fine...none of my problem; even when they quarrel and woke me up in the middle of the night.
**Another thing to note, they moved in only slightly after June this year and stayed until this month....read on for the rest of the story.....**

So, this goes on and eventually all the housemates got used to it except that I was a little worried about my car which was parked near their room window. My room is the inner one whereas the remaining 3 rooms downstairs face the house compound. Their room was directly where my car was parked and don't get me started on why my car was parked in such a way in the house - that'd be another story I'll post in a separate entry.

I heard from the other housemate, S, who stayed in the room next to theirs as well and also facing the porch,
"Did you know how their room lost 2 window panes?"
I shrugged and shook my head at loss.
"They fought a lot and so happened once, they hit the window panes and it broke!"
My mouth formed a small O at the mention of that close hit :0
"That time you were not at home..." she continued..." I was at home with my boyfriend in the room and we heard them fighting. Then we heard the glass broke and thought nothing of it until we remembered your car was there..."

"We hurried out to inspect your car and thank God it was unhurt"

Anyway, I never noticed any scratch marks on my car anyway although I was aware that there were 2 missing lower panes from their window.

Then this type of life went on until last month, they had another BIG fight, and I mean really BIG. I was sleeping until 11pm, I heard the an impatient knocking on the room door...and it was really hard and desperate, thus such loud sound which awoke me. Then I heard the girl screaming, "You'd better OPEN the door now!!!"
Then no sound from within the room; then I heard running footsteps towards exiting the main wooden door and out of the house.
Then I heard the girl screaming from outside (at the window near my car)
"OPEN this door!!"
This scenario with the girl pacing back and forth went on for 10 minutes before the guy finally opened the door. Don't ask me why he refused to in the first place :(
The minute she got in, it was worse than before she got in - she started shouting at him and I heard motion of the stuffs inside the room and then a clanking sound of a metal jug; then pushing of chairs - whoa, REAL fight.
I was a little bothered as I was tired but I just covered my ears with my pillow and tried to get back to sleep.
Anyway, I managed to get up in the morning and I guess the girl left (AGAIN!) to stay with her friend, as usual after each fight they had.
I thought nothing of it but S asked me about it and we noticed there was a big bag full of clothes and jeans which was thrown into the dustbin.
We shrugged the whole matter off anyway until the landlady came to tell us that the couple really FOUGHT and the guy actually slapped the girl hard in the face that it was swollen or bled.
The girl went to the landlady to ask for another room and the latter decided that only one of them should stay in the house. Naturally, the landlady kicked the guy out of the house and the girl stayed.
For the first few days, she went to another friend's house to stay then I saw her coming back with a girl friend along with the landlady. That's where the landlady also told me about the case and I just nodded.
Then another housemate (there were about 5 of us at that time; including the couple and the other 2 girl housemates stayed there long enough with me and we knew each other very well).
So, back to the story, G, told me that the guy came back that afternoon and the girl and her friend were in the room.
The girl refused to talk to him BUT the friend actually reprimanded...erm, too mild, SCOLDED him for hitting her and even criticized his parents and his upbringing.
G then told me that the guy got emotional after more than an hour of scolding and told the friend,
"In that case, I will just go and kill myself" and he rushed out of the house crying.
The girl heard those words and started crying and asked her stunned friend, "He wants to commit suicide, what should I do?"

Then that night, 2 of his guy friends came looking for him as they were unable to contact him. We tried knocking on the door but to no avail and they tried to sneak a peek through the window but was also unable to see anything.
Anyway, it got us worried especially me, as I thought he really died in the room.
Then S and G ran off to the landlady to get the keys with a witty excuse and opened the door. Fortunately, there was nobody.

Then after a few days, the girl came back with a friend to stay with her and naturally, the girl has a tendency to speak loudly which seems like she's shouting, yeah, it's the same way even with her friend.

So, we thought the storm is over. Then occasionally, we heard that the guy do come back but since there was no proof, nobody bothered.
Then S told me that the girl actually requested the landlady to change the lock on all the doors but the landlady refused to as it involved multiple keys for everyone in the house and was too cumbersome.
The girl just changed her own door lock as she was worried the guy may have duplicated the keys and may come back to bug her.
Nevertheless, we did not take much notice of that but I was already seriously considering to move out; not only because of this but also because of the house condition (esp the bathroom) and also the landlady who always find fault with everything.

Then, the BIG thing happened.
Just last week, 26th September, I remembered clearly as I was waiting to call my mum for her birthday the next day.
I slept early that night and then was awakened by noises sharp at midnight.
There was a sudden motion of somebody getting up from the chair suddenly and shouted (the GIRL again)
"I MUST call the police this time....I don't care!!!"
Then I heard a loud breathing (that of a guy's) - seems to be coming from the room.
Then I heard the pulling motion of window pane from their room and the friend screamed
"What are you doing?You are bleeding!!"
At this point, I was more than awake and was wondering what were they up to this time. Silently I wished they would just settle this maturely and quietly outside and leave us to sleep peacefully.
Then I heard the pulling of the pane got harder and more desperate and the girl kept screaming
"Must call the police!!! You are MAD!!!"
Then I heard her calling someone and spoke in Mandarin
"Is this XX's parents??? Hello, Aunty, your son is MAD already!!!'
Then she ran out of the room and shouted that MUST call the police!!
Then I heard the loud breathing and the slowed down of the pane pulling.
I heard another girl's voice saying softly
"Why are you doing this? Have you ever thought before you do something like this? Have you ever thought of your parents?"
Loud breathing followed by sobs...could barely hear but guess it's something like " Why is she not forgiving me??"
Then the girl ran back into the room
"Have you had enough of this??? Stop being crazy around here, LEAVE me alone or I will call the police!!"
He then pulled desperately at the window pane again and sobbed loudly. The girl ran out of the room and then suddenly the pulling stopped.
I heard running footsteps towards the main wooden door, which is just less than a few feet away from my own room. There I heard the pulling of the window pane again, by the window near the main door.

I must admit, at this point I was totally freaked out, I know this is not a small thing anymore as I heard the friend keep screaming that there's blood and the girl herself screamed then cried hysterically when the guy was pulling at this window pane.
I was really SCARED....fear and then something struck my mind, my CAR was there!!! I prayed that he will not do anything crazy and smashed the glass on my car....you could never tell as he's out of his mind now. I worried and also feared for my own safety....I badly wanted to go out but was genuinely afraid to as I feared he may have weapon and may hurt us.
I texted G to ask whether she is awake....no response....
After a while, their friends arrived and then she opened the door for him and locked again hurriedly. I went out of my room to make a trip to the bathroom and the moment I opened the door, I saw the spots of fresh blood on the window near the main door and I was truly scared by the sight.
I hurried back into my room and tried to sleep; then I heard them discussing that the girl should go to another friend's place to stay.
Then the guy was rushing at the window again -I could barely remember anymore or probably DO not want to recall :(
The whole drama ended at about 2.30a.m. with the girl leaving the house with her friends who were kind enough to wipe off the blood from the window and the floor.
Then at about 3am, I heard someone come back again - not sure whether it is the girl.
I could not sleep anymore, much as I forced myself to and I had to get up for work anyway at about 4-5 and so, I got up determinedly and switched on the lights...

Guess what I want to do now?
I packed....ho, YES, I PACKED all my stuffs, I am definitely moving out this time!! No time to waste...
I didn't sleep the whole night because of 2 final year USM students who cannot break up in a mature manner and do not have the common sense to be considerate to others.
Furthermore, aren't final year students loaded with their assignments and projects prior to graduation....I remembered I did when I was in MMU and we barely had time...and here they are, midnight suicide drama??
Man, there is a need to review the syllabus of the final year students here......and perhaps to include that you guys may choose to not attend class, BUT hello, we need to WORK after we graduated and have no intention at all to watch any DRAMA!!
A truly traumatizing, disturbing and definitely sickening incident to affect the innocent people who did nothing at all except wanting a peaceful sleep after a hard day's work!!