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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Let it Be

When I find myself in times of trouble,
Mother Mary comes to me,
Speaking words of wisdom
"Let it Be"
Let it be, let it be, let it be, yeah, let it be,
There will be an answer,
Let it be......

Yeah, I know, things happen for a reason, God has his plans laid out for us, all we need is just a little bit of FAITH in him :)

I believe in you, Lord, and I will not doubt your actions.
I know you are always there for me and no matter how the whole world turns out to be, you will never abandon me.

I am not depressed; just that life's not always perfect and there's bound to be ups and downs and perhaps this is just one time where I will have to learn to live with it. Things always happen and we are humans, we are not given minds for nothing - we should be versatile to cope with changes and also the varying environment which we have.
Being myself at the moment, I do know how harsh the world can be and also how people around you can be so inhumane at times.
However, I am thankful for those friends I have around me who have been concerned and showed me their support all the way. I will not give up; that's me......

Let it be at the moment....don't get myself worked up over some nasty behaviour by people who obviously do not deserve my time.....

Let it be, let it be, let it be......