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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hello from KL!!

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday; received a phone call from an old friend of mine or rather a very very close "sister" pal sort of friend :)
I was so happy to see her name on the caller id on my phone and chatted with her for a while.
Well, I found her on Friendster and added her complete with a testimonial on our friendship and she was telling me that she has been kinda busy lately and was unable to do the same for me....don't sweat over it honey, that's no biggie.

Also, I happened to chat with an old friend over MSN messenger, yeah, that was one old friend from primary school and he happens to know Sook Yee(my sister pal). I was telling him that I have been trying in vain to contact her and he offered to help me to inform her and poof! that was fast; with him checking it up with her, she immediately called me. Thanks man!!

So, as usual, we were chatting over our lives and of course not escaping the question of relationships....hahaha...nice try, Sook Yee...and I am still waiting for the wedding invitation from you and Yau....<*gleams* in the eye>
But, like me, we are both workaholics and definitely people who are kinda headstrong - that's a nicer term than stubborn anyway. Also, people used to say we are pretty similar in character; well, guess that's what you kinda expect when you meet 2 people who are born on the same day, date and year <*winks*>
That's how we clicked actually and became fast friends - this gal is one of my 3 closest friends along with my Bestest Friend, Yenn and also my big sis, Jean.
We are both rather hard-headed, ambitious, results-oriented (hahaha...still am:p), and rather secretive to ourselves. For me, I am not one who opens up easily and prefers to keep things to myself...everyone tells me it's bad...in fact my Best friend always reprimanded me for making her feel unimportant if I can't share my misery with her....

So, we kinda chatted for some time and she told me she will be coming up soon to meet up with me; of course with an occasional chides that I don't go home too often (sigh!)
I've been pretty busy lately as well with some projects and training stuffs coming in - too bad no travelling :p
Also, she kept reminding me that it is time to look for "someone" to take care of me....hmmmm....so, what's new?:p

I'll look forward to meet you, Sook Yee and of course how can I forget the other SY as well :)
Take care and wish you all the best ya...really great to hear from you.....just a simple phone call....somethings simplicity is the best :)

I do miss all my friends so much back there....wonder when's my next trip home now.....let me go look up my calendar......