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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I just heard some baaaddddd news...something was out of my expectation....never expected it to be to that extent.....and currently have to do a lot of thinking....(yeah, well, what's new with me uh? I am always thinking anyway.....that's why I am known as a worry wart )
Okay, this is not related to the following.....different issues....

Anyway, I just stumbled upon my best friend's blog and read with interest her latest entry....goshhh, I am lost with all the acronyms and names she used for her friends....hahaha....except those she addressed them by the name.
Seems like she's distracted and was lamenting on somehow she hates......*wondering who could that be*

Now trying to figure out who is EmoQueen whom she's referring to......why do I have the hunch it's probably me she's mad at? *uncomfortable*

Emoqueen probably stands for Emotional Queen -> does that indicate my best friend thinks I am very emotional? *Gasps*
"When are YOU coming back? *sounds like really mad and aggravated*


*High possibility it's me *