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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stars are Blind

Haha....decided to do a post on this Paris Hilton's new single...not THAT new anymore but I kinda had that tune playing on my mind right now and thus, here I am blogging on this song :)

Hmmm...the heiress to the Hilton chain hotel has been shifting her focus from the fashion runway to the big screen then singing. Her talent is pretty much on the average for the singing and acting although she does have the slim and classy attributes of a runway model.
I have watched her in House of Wax; nothing much of any notable appearance or performance - didn't watch her reality TV series though.

Anyway, back to Stars are Blind; I should say it had a pretty catchy tune and not bad for a single from Paris Hilton. I kinda liked the flow of the song as well; which explained why my mind is playing the tune over and over again....hehehe....

Set to inherit the Hilton throne from her family, Paris is rumoured to be one spoilt and arrogant little brat. In my opinion, this may not be the case. She may be rich (filthy rich) actually and does not even need to work for a living BUT one must admire her pertinence and obstinance to go to the entertainment industry - in my opinion, all she wants is just a simple teenage life and to explore and see different things. Her path is definite since the day she is born - to take on the Hilton empire but she still has the time before the actual passdown from the family.

While she is young, why not explore other opportunities? I heard she is pretty spoilt and arrogant due to her qualities and also her main intention to enter the entertainment is to gain quick fame and popularity - well, my point is, she is just a normal girl, why can't everyone give her a break? So what if she wants to be noticed - I don't see that as a crime....
My conclusion: everyone tends to be too judgemental; may I take it as a notion of jealousy and envy since she is born with a silver spoon in her mouth and she has the aspiring qualities - almost picture perfect.

Guess everyone would feel better if Paris is untalented, geeky and fashion misfit - which unfortunately is not...hahaha.....guess some are just born lucky :)

"Even though the Gods are crazy...even though the stars are blind..."
Singing and playing this tune in my head over and over again.....hehehe....not bad huh *winks*