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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rental blues

Yeah...here I am moaning over my fate on the rented house and also the past year's experience staying in that house.
The house is actually a corner unit of a semi-detached row of houses in Sungai Dua, directly opposite the mosque entrance of USM. My house is directly next to the U-Heights apartment which has a large monsoon drain and a small alley by the side which is a shortcut to the shops.

Last year, I found a job here in Penang and somehow found this place which my parents kinda liked. I preferred another place but anyway, I took up the place since the room was kinda huge and the utility bills were covered, room was furnished with table, bed and cupboard. On top of that, my parents negotiated and the landlady agreed to let me park my car in the house.
(She has a large compound and I later found out from the existing housemates that she does not allow anyone to park their car in the house....weird)

Anyway, my housemates told me lots of stuffs about the landlady - this house was previously owned by a couple and the landlord is a nice guy who just collects the rental from them and do no come to the house. However, their bliss ended when the landlord abruptly sold his house to this old lady who is also staying on the same street and owned 2-3 houses on that same street. Hers was the first corner unit when you first turned into the neighborhood; at the point of the T-junction.
So, I started getting a taste of her when she comes to bug us every other week on miscellaneous and petty stuffs. Soon, I was also one of her victim when she told me to park my car sideways instead of straight on the porch. When I go into the porch, I need to drive my car about 70 degrees to the left and park it by the windows of the rooms.
Her reason given is that she does not want anyone to block the main passageway to the main house which has nobody; not a single soul staying there at all.
**Her house is renovated in such a way that there are 2 parts of the house; the main house and then a renovated back portion of the house which is an additional extension building and which is where she rented out to us; consists of 4 rooms downstairs with a kitchen area and 2 bathrooms; 2 bedrooms upstairs with 2 bathrooms as well and links directly to the main house - 3 main bedrooms and the overall house**
She planned to rent out the main house as a whole; with all the rooms, etc.
Anyway, she told me not to park my car on the front porch and I need to steer my car to park sideways so that I do not block the main entrance.
I was bewildered at her request; but it is her house...so...
After 2 months, I started noticing people using the main house on weekends for tuition classes.

Then comes the main gate and padlock issue.
She made this little plastic cover from recycled plastic bottles to cover the padlock from the rain - I have that similar gadget in my own house.
So, I pretty much adhered to the thing and covered it each time I leave the house.
There is another guy staying upstairs who also parked his car inside after seeing me do so without the landlady's consent (she complained to me before).
I don't know but I know I did my part in covering the padlock. Landlady came and reprimanded me and I told her I did...that time, the guy upstairs was not around so I was fully victimized as her anger tool.

Then I have witnessed a couple of other issues with the housemates.
They were final year students in USM and upon the completion of their final paper, they wanted to go travelling with friends (naturally).
So, they informed her that they need an extension of 2-3 days to place their stuffs as their other friends did with their respective landlords.
Landlady refused and told them that even 1 day, she will consider a month's rental.

Well, since I stayed for one whole year, I have seen lots of things happening BUT I do not wish to bad mouth anybody. The reason I am saying this is just to blog my feelings and thoughts and not propagating any rumours, etc.
For friends who read my blog, perhaps you can take the heed to be careful when renting houses...especially this house in Sungai Dua.....the last house....