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Monday, October 16, 2006

Hazy Lazy Days

*Sob sob*

THE HAZE is back......yeah, I thought Penang will not be so badly affected as we only saw the blurry days for a few days and then the skies cleared over the weekend; in fact, due to its geographic location and also the fact that it was surrounded by the sea and also the windy/rainy times recently.

Boy, was I wrong as the haze came back on Friday/Saturday after a downpour on Thursday.
Weird huh? Don't the rain usually helps to clear the haze and restore the blue skies for us?
Instead, it seems to be the other way round here up north...haha...the rain actually brought the haze. Some even said that the wind blew the haze back to Penang.....well, who knows for sure anyway?

Sighhhh...I took this picture from the Fort Cornwallis area; Jalan Padang Kota Lama or fondly remembered as the old Gurney Drive by the locals. The cruise ship looks blurred which indicates how bad the haze was; guess the API and visibility would have raised and dropped respectively.

API - Air Pollutant Index
Visibility - measured in KM on the distance that can be seen compared to the normal days

Let's just hope some people will have common sense to stop burning their rubbish or cease burning immediately to avoid further damage or aggravate the current condition.

Quote from our neighbours which really tickled me was that we Malaysians should not point fingers at them when the haze occurs every year and that we should not be ungrateful as they do provide us with the oxygen from the huge forest population in the country and they do not receive thanks or words of compliments from us for that....hahahha.......
In that case, I guess there should be some sort of resolution to contain the overflowing or leakage of oxygen from the country which could benefit others..huh?= p