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Monday, October 09, 2006

Jam on the bridge

Don't misunderstand; I was not stuck in any jam on the bridge when I came back from the mainland where I worked; Kulim - far from it; I was breezing on the bridge and all the way home where I took my bath quickly and set off to Georgetown for dinner.
Dang; using the coastal highway to go to town proved to be disastrous...there was a long crawl on the road where the reasons that came to our mind were:
1. Traffic police directing the traffic (yeah, surprisingly they were the ones trying to help to control the traffic flow but ended up causing traffic)
2. A serious car accident has occurred
3. Bottleneck (the wide road branching into lesser number of roads)

Whatever the reason, we were tired after a day's work and well, here we are, stuck in a jam and then was wondering the main reason behind the whole congestion on the road. Well, turns out that the jam was due to the congregation heading back to the Prai/Butterworth (mainland) -> yeah, even the sign says; "Kesesakan di atas jambatan. Berhati hati ketika memandu"
Sighhh....my comment "Kesian juga orang yang tak terlibat; mentang mentang kena merangkak juga"......well, needless to say, it was a smooth breeze after the fork turning into the bridge.......woohooo........