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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Reports,reports and reports

Hey...back again for more musings:p Been busy...and STILL busy...but I do miss crapping on my blog and so,I need a space to say something before I totally burst my head off....staring at projects and paper reports everyday(although now we do technical reports...technically:P)
Yeah..was at home and actually took some time to relax a little amidst the busy schedule and actually took pictures of stuffs around...plants,flowers and yeah...FOOD too:D
As time would permit,I've actually less than a month to the end of my university years and then will be officially taking the plunge into the workforce. That's why you can see the hectic lifestyle I'm leading right now....no time for TV,etc...*sob *sob:(( But yet,I have time for taking pics and crapping here....haha...well,I need some time off anyway and writing plus photography are my interests...and blogging is indeed fun;)
Currently rushing myself to wits' end with 3 major reports which will be due in less than a weeks' time and also an individual assignment which, I've programmed the whole thing and yet,the system runs only the initial part....arrrghhhh..so frustrating...and I've to halt the whole assignment for ONLY this part which I still have to debug....oh no,please save me!!!I pray it will work pretty soon because my schedule is killing me already:(( In fact, I've to keep track of lots more deadlines and also meetings with my groupmates and also my FYP supervisor...all within this week...isn't that enough to kill someone??:(
Definitely not that "up" and cheery this week....hehehe....but nevertheless, I'll do my very best and leave everything to God...after all,nothing is impossible,right?;)