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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

How About the Guys?

Hahaha....a friend of mine posted this...and he disagreed with it himself...but anyway,it was kinda funny...so have fun reading it;)

When a GUY is quiet, he is trying to act cool.
When a GUY is not arguing, He has half a mind to punch u .
When a GUY looks at u with eyes full of questions, He is trying to make u think that he has lots of questions that needs answering so that u pity him and let your guard down .
When a GUY answers "Im fine" after a few seconds, he thinks your annoying .
When a GUY stares at you, All his fantasies flashes before him.
When a GUY lays on your chest, Wahaha ...taking advantage lah ......duh ......unless the fella sissy .
When a GUY calls you everyday, He's got too much money ..and no one else is as stupid as u to entertain him every single time .
When a GUY wants to see you everyday, He really got agenda .....maybe you are very pretty or .......ur dad's a rich and he wants a share of the money.
When a GUY sms's u everyday, he has too much money and time to waste ....and he is too chicken to talk to u straight cause cannot tell lies with a straight voice .
When a GUY says I love you, he wants something from u ...but could be he really loves u ...but ...he still wants something lah ...and it's u .
When a GUY says that he can't live without you, he is one of the worst liars in the world.
When a GUY says "I miss you", he means he misses ur sexy body .

So,guys...how true is this??hmmmm.....