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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Of flowers,plants and pot...

Despite my busy schedule,I took advantage of those little free time-out seconds to snap some pictures of plants and to post them on my blogs....not much pictures though....as I've mentioned..it was just a short "time-out":p
Anyway, the sun was also kinda blazing hot at that time...and thus it was kinda hard for me to focus...I can't stand the sunlight...:P I tried to capture some of those which are located in the shady areas...and as for some of those which are under the sun...well,maybe next time....however, I also noticed some of the plants which are exposed to the sun, looks kinda "photogenic" when captured...hmmmm...visual effects definitely add a tad of highlight to the pics,don't you think so?
The following are the pics that I've captured...not much....and I'm also not too sure of their actual names...will try to look them up after my busy schedule...hehe..for the time being,I will name them according to my very own naming standards..so do bear with me ya;)
Now, let's showcase some of my "plant models".......ready to catwalk..LOL....contestant No.1:-

So ,here, this is the baby version of the "prosperity flower"("fu gui hua")