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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Local fruits galore....

This weekend, mum bought some local fruits....coz they were quite abundant and fresh in the market...furthermore,it is good to consume more fruits in this hot weather for the purpose of water retention in the body. At the same time,do remember to drink plenty of water....somehow,it's a lot hotter here back home than when I was in my campus....I still feel so thirsty and dehydrated despite the amount of water which gushed down my throat.
Back to the fruits issue.....the following are the fruits which were purchased....all local fruits;) Supporting local Malaysian fruits....ain't that patriotic:P Besides,I came across an article...in the papers, I think, which talked about fruits and highlighted the issue that our local fruits are far more nutritious than imported fruits...in fact, most of our very own crops boasts of higher content of vitamins than foreign fruits. Such was the statement....since more and more people actually prefer imported fruits such as kiwi,grapes,pears,etc to cheap and good ol' bananas, papayas, watermelons, mangosteens...which are actually more cost-effective and diet-effective.
Well,isn't that something we should all ponder upon,folks?;)
Now,these are the fruits for your eyes only...LOL:P

Local fruits......first in line to be introduced is the good ol' starfruit(buah belimbing). Mum bought this fresh from the market....according to the seller,these are fresh and also best consumed as soon as possible due to the hot weather. Definitely a nutritious fruit as well...renowned for its nutrients in Vitamin C...its juice is also tasty as well;)