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Monday, March 07, 2005

Ma Lai Gou

Yeah...as the name above says it...in Cantonese that is...in English, the literal translation is basically Malay Kueh.Upon hearing the name, one may immediately concoct the connection between the Malays and the kueh....thinking this is the origin of the kueh.However, sadly, this is not the case...although named as Malay kueh..you'd be surprised to learn that this kueh is a popular rendition in Hong Kong, where it came from and not from Malaysia...how it gets its name....don't ask me...but there was a theory that they relate the colour of the kueh to the race...no form of discrimination here....please do not be offended...I did not name the kueh:)
It is something like the fluffy rice cake the other time....only it is more fragrant..I think there's more eggs in its making....and also, it is often ordered as side-dish during dim sum hours in the restaurants in Hong Kong. It's also getting fairly popular here in Malaysia....and it's not only sold in dim sum restaurants, but also at stalls selling kuehs...coincidentally, mum bought this from a stall like this at the market:D

The side view of the kueh.....looks nice,doesn't it?:)