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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When the lights go out...

No...I am not talking about Earth hour here nor an attempt to support the noble campaign but the lights really went out in broad daylight when you are your peak office hour.

It was a power supply termination from the national energy provider and this someone just walked into our office (sub-contractor) and handed the admin a red notice and muttered, "We are going to cut your electricity due to bad payment" and the moment he walked out, so did the lights.

I was surprised at how this was handled as there was no previous notice (yellow: warning as the guy allegedly said) and the electricity was terminated immediately.
Furthermore, according to the admin, there was a secured deposit fee for the offices in TNB and there is no reason that power cut should occur just like that.

There was a lot of drama going on as our dear admin tried to check with our own Head office colleagues and it took about two days.

Get this, we were only late for one week and our deposit fee was definitely two to three times more than the amount due.

I don't know what went wrong anyway, but it was really tough sweating it out especially when yours truly has just recovered from a bad bout of flu.

Of course, the plus point was being able to relax and work from Starbucks with a cup of cappucino/frappucino/ice blended in your hand.

Sounds luxurious?

The funny part was, this incident actually touched me in a different way.

Funny how we don't seem to appreciate comfort we were exposed to each day and tend to take it for granted.
Each morning I step into the office, I just sat on my chair, turn on the power and begin to work on my laptop.

I fill my cup with the water from the dispenser; with a choice of either hot or cold or both and can brew a cup of coffee or tea if I want to (although I drink neither)

When the sun is hot outside, I don't even feel the heat nor sweat as I just tap away at the laptop.

Just one hour when the power supply was cut, and we start to curse and swear at how hot it is and how can we not have air-cond or electricity to work.
We don't even remember how our predecessors and ancestors survived without all these luxuries back then.

Fact: We have been spoilt by technology and the luxuries of modernization.

I am not complaining though; I simply cannot imagine how I could walk out of the door without my cell phone with me, or the Internet when I am bored.

I cannot imagine how could we not have TV/DVD player, not to mention books of DVDs to choose from; nor could I imagine life without the fridge to store my favorite fruits/veges/drinks, hair dryer, laptop, fan, lights, and yes, the best invention of all during hot weather: air-cond.

Can't say I am not glad I live in the modern times, and thank God electricity has been resumed today!
I am back to work on my desk and I must say, I am starting to appreciate the availability of power more around me right now =)

Yeah, of course, I will not let Earth hour slip my mind...but let me enjoy a bit more of the luxuries of the cool air and bright lights after living like a nomad and Paleolitician for a day...I do deserve some pampering before I fight for the earth =)