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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Teachers' Day!~

It's Teachers' Day today (or rather, yesterday, on the 16th of May)
I never forget this date since I entered Standard One; all the way back when I was just 7 (that seems so young!)

I remembered how we used to look forward to this day; besides the year-end class party and Children's Day where we get to have fun all the day and no homework.

This is a day for the teachers, where they all the attention (and presents) from the students. They are given the free permits not to teach on this day, and just sit back and relax, and enjoy the performances and food spread prepared especially for them.
Of course, at the same time, we get to enjoy the whole day of not having to go through classes and doing homework (something to cheer about when you are a student, although I still love doing my homework and classes, yeah, I am absurd)

I also remembered how I used to pester and bug my Mummy and Daddy to bring me to the nearest supermarket (they used to only have small supermarkets and you have to travel further to the city centre to the bigger malls which we only do on weekends).
(No, I don't stay in a remote village kay)

I would get a piece of Manila cardboard (costs 40 cents then) and cut out the size of a nice card and then I would work on the card after school in the afternoon.
After that, I would wait patiently for Daddy to come home after work and asked him sweetly if he would bring me to buy some flowers for my teacher.

Daddy would shake his head sometimes and tell me that it is not practical.
I would have to bug him but good ol' Daddy always will bring me eventually (or so I know since he always has a soft spot =)

I would be so happy with that single stalk fresh rose which I would put on the dining table and then I would happily bring it to school to present to my form teacher.

I never thought of asking Daddy to buy more flowers so that I could give each of my teachers, although I have friends who do so.
I did not want to burden Daddy financially; as I do know how hard Daddy worked to earn money out there, as our Mummy used to teach us to spend money wisely.

However, without the flowers, I still made sure I went up to each and every of my teacher to wish them "Happy Teachers' Day"

I still remembered every single one of the teachers who taught in school; from my pre-school to my high school, no kidding.

I am grateful to each and every one of them, for without them, I would not be where I am today.
That is why I still feel thankful for teachers each time Teachers' Day is around as I relive all those school days' memories with a smile.

Teachers are to us, almost the equivalent of a second parent who guides and teaches us everything that is to get us to where we are today.
They are generous and selfless individuals who shared their knowledge and made sure we excel.

For this, I would like to say once again, to each and every of my teacher, whether school or Sunday School, or lecturer, or whoever have taught me at one point or another when I was a child.

Thank you....

Pre-school (Caritas)
Year 1: Ms Tan
Year 2: Ms Ong (thank you for teaching me the fan dance =)

Primary School
Std 1: Cikgu Vani
Std 2: Pn Raja Jam
Std 3: Ms Mazliza/Cikgu Vani/Mrs Mok
Std 4: Ms Assunta (I still see you around in church!)
Std 5: Mrs Yap
Std 6: Mrs Lim (form & Maths teacher), Ms Pearly Yap (English), Pn Maznah (BM)

Secondary School
F1: Cik Sofia
F2: Puan Siti/Puan Mashita
F3: En Hussein
F4: Pn Fariza
F5: Mr Lee

To all my Language teachers who have moulded and encouraged to WRITE, SPEAK and appreciated my flair =)

I just want to say a big THANK you to each and every one of you...

To all the TEACHERS out there, you are the greatest people and you are always remembered by your students, even though you may have forgotten about them =)