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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Of Astrology and Horroscopes

Do you believe in these astrological signs/horroscopes/starscopes (whatever you call them)?

I flipped through magazines or newspapers to see my readings once in a while when I am at it, but I don't really believe fully in them.

I don't really watch all those astrological predictions during Chinese New Year programmes; proclaimed to be predicted by prominent fortune tellers or Feng Shui masters.

I don't dismiss them as crap either; but I just do not like to indulge in these dwellings as I do not want myself to be influenced and empowered by all the readings and let myself get carried away, worrying about this and that for the entire year.
(I am already a worry wart anyway)

This year, I heard a thing or two about my Chinese astrology sign and also read about my horroscopes and I hate to admit it, but a thing or two seemed to have come true for me.

It did not exactly hit off with such a good start this year too; and there have been road mishaps (twice!) and also, I have been struck by major illnesses.

I did not relate all these incidents to the readings/predictions initially, but I just realized it all of sudden (it just hits me!)

Sad to say, I've been involved in two accidents this year; and the most recent one made me really upset.
Thank God, that I was safe and unharmed from the accidents but the damages, though not major left me feeling sad.

Then illnesses also made me break down (after my vow not to fall sick this year and I have done pretty well so far, with no medical leave taken since the start of this year!) but last two weeks, I fell really sick; with all the major illnesses and it had me in bed through the weekend even!
(I do hate falling sick on weekends!)

I just hope things will slowly get better; and anyway, just a peek told me that things should change for the better sometime in May/June...and I do hope, that would be true =)

Are you a follower of astrology/horroscopes?