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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Driving blues

Instead of being sucked into the familiar aura of the blues surrounding the moody Monday, I stepped out of the zone to share with you on some of the other blues faced.

Take for instance, driving.

I know we have a lot of crazy (or insane is a better word) drivers here in our country; fantasizing their dreams of being a Formula One driver and unfortunately unleashing their fantasy on the road.

Well, there are a lot of negative things which irks us when it comes to being on the road and I am sure each of us has our certain levels or tolerance (or intolerance) when it comes to dealing the other behaviors on the road.

1. Swerving in and out of the lanes and dashing back into the line in a nick of time
2. Driving really slowly on the fast lane and not moving to the left/slow lane even with repetitive flashings/honking (maybe they don't even know their left or right)
3. Tailgating even when you are on the left lane! (yes, again, guess they didn't know their left vs right)
4. Driving with their high beams on
5. Installing those bright, white blinding lights which just momentary blinds you when coming from the opposite road
6. Attempts to race you with even when you have no intention to (i.e.: revving up their engine loudly and exhuming the toxic gas when you are both stopping at the traffic lights and then speeding off in their ultra-modified car which looks like a sports car but is actually Proton/Perodua beneath all that metal shield)
7. Not putting on their signal when they want to turn into the lane, making last minute turns
8. Emergency brakes screeching behind you
9. Talking on the phone and crawling the WHOLE way on the single lane
10. Throwing rubbish out of their window (UNCIVILIZED!)

However, there is one thing that irks me the most and simply cannot be tolerated are ..............


I simply have no room of tolerance for these folks who can't just wait in their line.
But that is not the worst yet, as the real monsters are those who try to cut the queue by forming another line and steering their cars CLOSE to your car on the LEFT side.

Yes, LEFT...and that was exactly the same monster I faced this morning while driving to work.

I was in a good mood and was driving especially slow and careful this morning (not that I am reckless every other day though) and then when it came to this junction where we had to make a turn at the traffic light, I noticed a grey Proton Wira just right next to my car on the left.
I did not even see him before that, and I've driven on the road every day to work for the past one year or so and it's a one-lane turn at the junction and the space is simply just limited for a car.

He kept steering his car dangerously towards my position and I refused to give in as well!

I won, but it's not a victory of winning another car in a bid to race, but rather, an effort to keep these reckless and inconsiderate drivers at bay!

I cannot tolerate people like these who just budge in from an already narrow lane, so be there!

I shall not let him spoil my working Monday...but to the Proton Wira who almost "kissed" my car this morning (I know your car plate), I hope you will consider others' safety when you drive around please....